Thursday 21 December 2023

List of Cars Made in Indonesia Affected by the Daihatsu Scandal, There are the Xenia and Avanza


Daihatsu on Wednesday (20/12/2023) announced that it would stop shipping its cars worldwide due to the safety test cheating scandal revealed in an investigation conducted by an independent team in Japan.

Included in the problematic cars are products made by PT Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia (TMMIN) and PT Astra Daihatsu Motor (ADM) in Indonesia.

“We sincerely apologize to customers and stakeholders for the inconvenience and concern because we have betrayed their trust,” wrote Daihatsu in its official statement.

Daihatsu further said it would stop shipping all its cars in production worldwide. The company under Toyota will also inform the authorities in all countries of this decision.

In the list of problematic cars released by Daihatsu, there are several cars produced and sold in Indonesia. Here is the list:

Model Manufacturer Launch time Where sold Toyota AgyaADM March 2023Ecuador, Uruguay and CambodiaToyota RushADMJanuary 2018Ecuador and MalaysiaDaihatsu XeniaADMNovember 2021IndonesiaToyota AvanzaADM/TMMINNovember 2 021Indonesia, Mexico, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Peru and BoliviaToyota VelozTMMINNovember 2021Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Thailand and MexicoToyota RaizeADMApril 2022Ecuador and Mexico Toyota Yaris Cross

TMMINAugust 2023Cambojoa, Chile and Uruguay Previously it was reported that the results of an investigation by an independent team in Japan found problems with 64 car models and 3 Daihatsu engines. Those affected in this case include the Toyota, Mazda and Subaru brands.

The independent team in its investigation found 174 cases in 25 test items. Previously, problems were found with door trim and cheating in side crash tests on several Daihatsu models.

Responding to the results of the investigation, Toyota said it would carry out fundamental reforms to revitalize Daihatsu.

“This task is very important and cannot be done in a short time. It requires not only an evaluation of management and business operations, but also a reassessment of the company’s organization and structure,” said Toyota in its official statement.

Daihatsu produced 1.1 million cars over the last 10 months and almost 40 percent of them were produced outside Japan. The company also sold 660,000 cars worldwide in the same period.

Toyota acknowledged that the problematic models were sold in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam and several South American countries such as Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Bolivia, Uruguay and Mexico.

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