Thursday 21 December 2023

Going home on an automatic Vespa, these components must be checked first


Going home or on holiday using an automatic Vespa can be an exciting experience, considering the performance and comfort that this Italian motorbike can provide.

However, the founder of Scooter VIP Surabaya, Dennil Sagita, said that there are several components and parts of the motorbike that need to be paid attention to and ensure their readiness before starting the trip.

“One of the important tips you need to know before using an automatic Vespa for going home or on holiday at the end of the year is to check it yourself or check it at the nearest automatic Vespa special repair shop,” said Dennil as quoted by Antara.

The health of motorbikes used for long journeys is a condition that must be met by the owner. Even so, many vehicle users ignore this.

According to Dennil, general checks on the Vespa Matik that must be carried out include the condition of the engine lubricant, axle and brakes, checking the condition of the front and rear lights, air filter and oil filter, and also checking the undercarriage sector. What is no less important is checking the radiator water if the motorbike has one.

The currently uncertain weather conditions should also be a concern for motorists. When it rains quite heavily, motorists are advised to stop and not continue their journey. If you must experience conditions like these, riders are advised to remain focused on paying attention to road conditions and as far as possible avoid puddles of water which can damage several parts of the motorbike.

“If a driver has crossed a puddle of water during the rainy season, the step that must be taken is to rinse it with normal water. “After that, the vehicle owner is asked to dry it with a dry cloth,” said Dennil.

Even though basically automatic Vespas are coated with anti-rust, extra care and maintenance must be taken when experiencing heavy rain and puddles of water so that the paint color is maintained and does not corrode.

What is no less important is the health of the rider. He said there was no need to force himself to travel long distances using an automatic Vespa when he felt his body was not in good shape.

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