Thursday 21 December 2023

Sharing the End of Year Excitement, MINI Presents Super Limited Edition Electric Cars in Our Neighboring Countries


Automotive companies use various ways to provide a special feeling to their consumers or loyal customers. One way is to make a “bespoke” or order-based edition. It can also be special works in limited quantities or limited editions. And there are many more things that make a car stand out among other products.

Welcoming the Christmas and New Year Holidays or Christmas Holidays, in our neighboring country, Singapore, one of the well-known car companies from Great Britain, MINI is presenting one unit of its work car which is classified as very limited. Or there will only be one in the country.

Displayed in display form in a box at the One Raffles Place shopping center, Singapore, this is the All-Electric MINI PS Bespoke. Written in the information section as “True and Only”, Boldly Black on Black, Signature Accents, A Unique Key Feature, Every Side Good’s Side, this black electric or environmentally friendly car is guaranteed to be the only one in the country with the Merlion symbol.

All-Electric MINI PS Bespoke Edition presented by UOB cards, Paul Smith, and MINI for consumers in Singapore [/CNR ukirsari] No less special, in line with the title it bears, namely a “bespoke” vehicle or only available by order, the All-Electric MINI PS Bespoke Edition which was born from the collaboration of UOB Cards, Paul Smith and MINI.

Quoted from the official MINI website, Paul Smith is a men’s fashion designer who has collaborated with the automotive manufacturer several times on a pioneering project to convert a classic MINI unit which has an Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) engine into an electric power conversion car and design speedster.

The result is a cool car unit powered by 72 kW electricity as a result of recycling.

This project is based on the ideas of Alec Issigonis, the engineer who gave birth to the MINI Classic. At that time, the vehicle he created was made into a small, petrol-efficient model as a response to the oil crisis in 1959. The concept was: with minimum fuel, maximum storage space.

In today’s time, when there is a climate and energy crisis, Alec Issigonis’ concept has become more relevant through the creation of the work of designer Paul Smith. As a MINI user, the man who received a knighthood from the British Empire and was known as Sir Paul Smith was one of the first people with great concern to convert a conventional MINI into an electric power conversion.

As a result, in the summer of 2021, Sir Paul Smith introduced the MINI STRIP at the IAA motor show in Munich, Germany. Namely an environmentally friendly concept car with three main contents, namely quality, sustainability and functionality.

“Turning an idea into reality is like a dream, this electric version of the MINI car honors the past,” explained Sir Paul Smith.

Later, Sir Paul Smith also modified his own car, becoming the MINI Paul Smith Edition 1998, where he was able to recreate a classic model in the process.

Next, MINI collaborated with the designer born in Nottingham, England in 1946 on the MINI Recharged project with engineers to create the work “Recharged Heritage Limited”.

Talking about Sir Paul Smith’s background, he was a fashion boutique manager before opening his own business in 1970. He has been a men’s fashion designer since 1976.

Currently, his business has grown to include more than 130 stores. In the late 1990s, his famous design lines were collaborated on MINI products.

He always drives a MINI EV (Electric Vehicle) in London, England, and installed a Public Electric Vehicle Charging Station (SPKLU) next to his famous design studio in the British capital.

Returning to the collaborative work of MINI and Sir Paul Smith on the All-Electric MINI PS which is currently in Singapore, this product is provided specifically for UOB credit card holders.

Whoever succeeds in proposing to her, one thing is clear that the figure supports the environmentally friendly lifestyle advocated by the designer.

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