Sunday 3 December 2023

List of Cheap Used Motorbikes IDR 5 Million as of December 2023: Suitable for School Children, Here are 5 Options


Are your sons and daughters starting to need transportation to get to and from school? Maybe you need to look at used motorbikes on the market.

It’s no longer a secret that cheap used motorbikes are quite popular. There are even a number of types of motorbikes that can be found in the price range of 5 million rupiah. Anything?

Honda Supra Fit

If your child doesn’t mind a moped, the Honda Supra Fit could be an option considering the price is quite cheap and fuel efficient. But the design is a bit old school, typical of 2008 era motorbikes and its class as a moped can certainly make it less popular.

Yamaha Apart from that, the 125cc liquid-cooled engine means that the Xeon’s performance cannot be underestimated.

Honda Vario 110

The first generation Honda Vario can currently be found at a price of 5 million. Even though it looks a bit outdated, for those of you who carry the slogan “the important thing is to walk”, maybe this motorbike deserves to be on the list.

Illustration of a used motorbike. (Unsplash/Bruce Tang) Yamaha Mio

Who doesn’t know the first generation Yamaha Mio? The motorbike that made the automatic segment boom can now be found on the used motorbike market at a price of around five million. But it’s also called an old automatic motorbike, its fuel consumption is certainly not as efficient as modern motorbikes.

Yamaha Fino

Who would have thought that this alternative motorbike from the Honda Scoopy would make the list. The Yamaha Fino is an automatic motorbike with a semi-retro look, the first edition of which can now be found at an affordable price, again around 5 million.

Please note that the price of a used motorbike is certainly influenced by the year of production, condition, completeness of documents, tax conditions and so on. If you are still new to the world of motorbikes, there’s no harm in inviting a mechanic or someone who understands engines.

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