Monday 25 December 2023

Makes your jaw drop, Nagita Slavina`s trousers cost 10 times Gibran Rakabuming`s salary as Mayor of Solo


Nagita Slavina appeared casual and simple while watching the cawapres debate live at the JCC, Senayan, Jakarta, on Friday (22/12/2023). She was present with her husband Raffi Ahmad, joining the support team for candidate pair number 2 Prabowo Subianto and Gibran Rakabuming.

In Raffi Ahmad and Nagita Slavina’s Instagram post, they are wearing light blue clothes together. Nagita herself wore a blue and white vertical striped blouse combined with denim trousers. And wear white platform sandals. Even though it looks casual and simple, the price of Nagita’s outfit is still expensive as usual.

Nagita Slavina’s trousers are more expensive than Gibran Rakabuming’s salary as mayor of Solo. (Doc. Instagram) Nagita Slavina’s Instagram fanpage account revealed that the denim trousers worn by Rafathar and Rayyanza’s mother were Dior trousers from the Flared Jeans collection. The trousers were blue straight cut jeans with two pockets on the front. The price of these trousers is apparently priced at up to IDR 25.5 million.

The price for these trousers is even more than 10 times Gibran’s salary as Mayor of Solo, which is known to be worth IDR 2.1 million. However, this salary does not include allowances given to regional heads.

Netizens on this account suspect that Nagita Slavina is wearing the same trousers as those worn by Kpop artist Jisoo Blackpink.

“Jisoo has never used this,” commented netizen with the account @ahamxxxxx.

“It turns out it’s Dior, it’s sad that I can’t afford the Dior brand,” said the account @daryxxxxx.

Selvi Ananda, Arumi Bachsin, Nagita Slavina, and Citra Kirana at the 2024 Cawapres Debate. (Instagram doc) The trousers were not the only expensive outfit that Nagita wore at that time. Search, the striped blouse that Nagita is wearing is from the Peggy Hartanto brand and the Boojum Top collection. The clothes are indeed from a local brand owned by a fashion designer from Surabaya. Even so, these clothes have been sold internationally. So the price reaches 399 Singapore dollars or the equivalent of IDR 4.6 million.

Meanwhile, the sandals that Nagita wears are also much more expensive. These white platform sandals have actually been worn several times by Nagita at a number of events. It is known that these sandals are a product of the Roger Vivier brand, Viv run light strap buckle, which is priced at up to IDR 21.3 million.

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