Monday 25 December 2023

How Much Do Octopus Employees Get Paid? Hamish Daud`s startup is said to be 4 months in arrears


Actor and singer Raisa’s husband, Hamish Daud, has recently become a hot topic of conversation among netizens. This is in line with accusations that Hamish Daud did not pay his employees’ salaries for 4 months. So how much is the salary of Octopus Startup employee Hamish Daud?

The news that Hamish Daud had not paid his employees’ salaries for months was widely discussed after a tweet appeared on platform X with the account @muthiastp. The account owner revealed complaints from a number of Octopus employees who had not been paid for months.

Responding to accusations that went viral on social media, Hamish Daud through his manager, Vitalia Ramona, opened his voice. The manager revealed that the issue of salaries for Octopus employees was left entirely to Moehammad Ichsan as CEO of the company.

Via even said that Hamish had not been paid for 4 months by Ichsan. So Hamish’s position here as CMO of this startup company can also be said to be that of a victim.

Regarding the salaries of Hamish Daud’s Octopus Startup employees, no one knows for sure how much they are. On the other hand, Hamish Daud’s salary at the Octopus company is also unknown.

In line with the widespread news, Hamish Daud himself is currently still silent. Raisa’s husband is said to be on holiday with his daughter.

As additional information, the Octopus company is a recycling company which is claimed to be one of the brilliant works of the nation’s children. This company is here to help the community regarding waste management.

It is believed that Octopus can support a circular economy which can help producers track and collect used consumer products, whether for recycling or not. Meanwhile, the Octopus work team is said to be conservationists.

Not only sharing the news that Hamish Daud and several other Octopus officials did not pay employee salaries. Account X or previously known as Twitter @muthiastp also uploaded a number of screenshots of stories from several other employees.

Hamish was even criticized for having fun on holiday while his workers who had been referred to as ‘conservationists’ had reportedly not been paid. Octopus is said to have not paid employee salaries because it went out of business.

So that’s a review of the salaries of Octopus Startup Hamish Daud employees. Until now, it is not known for certain how much the salaries of employees who work at the Octopus company are. However, regarding unpaid salaries it is true.

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