Monday 25 December 2023

Mazda RX-8 Modified by Garage Drift Will Be a Giveaway


Modification workshop Garasi Drift is giving away one modified Mazda RX-8 as a year-end giveaway.

This Mazda RX-8 giveaway project is the 4th car modified by Garasi Drift which will be given to lucky Garasi Drift subscribers.

“My goal in holding this giveaway is to give appreciation to Garasi Drift subscribers who have taken part in growing our channel. With this project I want to realize one of the biggest dreams of car enthusiasts in Indonesia, namely having a JDM car modified directly by Garasi Drift ,” said Garasi Drift CEO, Ziko Harnadi, Sunday (24/12/2023).

The Mazda RX-8 modified by Grasi Drift itself carries a Street Racing theme. Where the direction of this car’s modification focuses on driving comfort on the road, but still has fierce performance when used for racing on the circuit.

The modifications made to the RX-8 include the exterior, interior, engine and undercarriage which will be done carefully.

All modification processes will be documented on the Drift Garage channel so that giveaway participants will be able to directly witness the progress of modifying the RX-8 that they will have if they are lucky.

In terms of specifications, various modification changes to the exterior of the Mazda RX-8 include the use of the RX-8 Facelifted Kit, Rocket Bunny Body Kit, Rocket Bunny Swan Neck Wing, and Sticker & Decal Wrapping from Goodfix.

Meanwhile, modifications that have been made to the interior include Refreshed Dashboard & All Interior Parts, Microfiber Leather Seat, Sparco Steering Wheel, and updates to the Audio side.

Meanwhile, the changes to the legs are no less striking. The Mazda RX-8 has been upgraded using Weds Sport TC05N Wheels, Altech X Garasi Drift Brakes, ISX Suspension, and Camber Arm Kit.

On the engine side, the Drift Garage modifier chose to use an Altech Radiator and Refreshed External and Internal Parts.

The requirements for taking part in the giveaway of a modified Mazda RX-8 car from Garasi Drift are enough to shop for Garasi Drift Merchandise apparel products on the Shopee Indonesia platform.

The modified Mazda RX-8 giveaway period will take place from 22 December 2023 to 22 February 2024, to coincide with Garasi Drift’s birthday.

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