Monday 25 December 2023

Old but Not Embarrassed, These 5 Used Cars Cost Only 40 Million


Looking for a used car at an affordable price is often a smart choice for those who want to own a vehicle without having to break the bank.

Even though they are old, some used cars still look dashing and can be reliable vehicles.

Here are five used cars that are quite affordable, so there’s no need to be embarrassed when taking them on the road.

1. Suzuki Katana (1000cc Jeep) Price: 30-60 Million

Suzuki Katana. (AJ Console) Suzuki Katana, with a powerful 1000cc engine, is the first choice for those looking for a used car with strong character. With a price range varying between 30 to 60 million, the Suzuki Katana offers a combination of reliable performance and classic style that is still attractive.

2. Toyota Corolla (1600cc Sedan) Price: 30-50 Million (Late 90s Edition)

Actor Gading Marten’s Toyota Corolla. [Instagram/Gading Marten] Toyota Corolla, especially the late 90s edition, remains a favorite on the used car market. With a 1600cc engine, the Toyota Corolla offers a balance between fuel efficiency and comfort. The affordable price range, between 30 to 50 million, makes it an attractive choice.

3. Toyota Starlet (1300cc Hatchback) Price: 40-60 Million (90s Edition)

Yogyakarta Toyota Starlet Lovers Community.[Instagram/ISC_DIY] Toyota Starlet, a 1300cc capacity hatchback, provides a stylish touch agile and fuel efficient. The 90s edition is still popular on the used car market with prices ranging from 40 to 60 million, making it an economical and stylish choice.

4. Suzuki Baleno (1500cc Sedan) Price: 30-50 Million (2000s)

Suzuki Baleno. ( Suzuki Baleno, a sedan with a 1500cc engine, offers spacious interior space and a timeless design. With a price range between 30 to 50 million, the Suzuki Baleno is an attractive option for those looking for a combination of comfort and economical value.

5. Timor (1500cc Sedan) Price: 20-40 Million

Timor S515i 1996 Edition. (Youtube/B Channel) Even though it is more of an old car, the Timor is still an affordable choice with prices ranging from 20 to 40 million. With a 1500cc engine, Timor offers ease of daily use with a pocket-friendly budget.

Looking for a used car for under 40 million doesn’t mean having to sacrifice style or performance. The five used cars above show that style and performance can be maintained even after age, providing attractive options for car lovers on a limited budget. Happy hunting for a used car that suits your needs and tastes!

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