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Measuring Ria Ricis and Celia Thomas` sources of income, who is richer?


After it was rumored that her marriage with Teuku Ryan was breaking up, Ria Ricis is now being compared to the figure of Celia Thomas. This is because Celia Thomas was seen leaving with Teuku Ryan after attending an event at the cinema.

This news also made netizens accuse Celia Thomas of being the third person in Ria Ricis and Teuku Ryan’s household. For this reason, Ria Ricis and Celia Thomas are often compared, both in terms of appearance style, education, and so on.

One of the things that is also in the spotlight is the wealth owned by Ria Ricis and Celia Thomas. The reason is, Teuku Ryan’s wife is said to have abundant sources of wealth. So how do the sources of wealth of Ria Ricis and Teuku Ryan compare?

Ria Ricis’ source of wealth

Ria Ricis’s charming new appearance (Instagram/@askar_photography) 1. Youtube

The name Ria Ricis herself is known to many people as a Youtuber. He often creates various personal vlog content on his YouTube channel. Ria Ricis is also one of the YouTubers with the most subscribers. To date, he is known to have 41.2 million subscribers.

2. Acting

Ria Ricis also earns income in the world of acting. He was seen playing roles in several films such as Yowis Ben, Selebgram, and Wedding Agreement.

3. Endorsement

Having a large number of followers, Ria Ricis also earns income from endorsements. Through his social media accounts, he often endorses various products from various brands.

4. Brand Ambassador

Another source of income that Ria Ricis gets is from brand ambassadors. Teuku Ryan’s wife is a brand ambassador for things like beauty products and goods for mothers and children.

5. Business

Ria Ricis is known to have businesses in various fields. He has businesses from food to fashion. This also increases the source of his wealth.

6. Book royalties

Another source of wealth is obtained from royalties from books he writes. He wrote several titles that have been published, such as Love Live Laugh, Not a Marriage Book, I Say Goodbye, and Next.

7. Becoming a guest star

Ria Ricis’ other income is also obtained from being a guest star on various shows such as talk shows, television programs, etc.

Source of Celia Thomas’s wealth

Sexy Portrait of Celia Thomas (instagram/celiathoms) 1. Acting

Celia Thomas’s source of wealth comes from her abilities in the world of acting. Celia Thomas is known to have started her acting career in 2007. Until now, she is still actively receiving offers for acting.

2. Endorsement

Celia Thomas also often endorses on her social media accounts. It can be seen that he often promotes various products from certain brands. This is one of his sources of income.

3. Model

Having an ideal body, Celia Thomas also often earns money as a model. Seen on her personal Instagram account, it shows Celia Thomas doing a photoshoot. In fact, he also became a photo model for an event.

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