Saturday 23 December 2023

8 Holiday Tips for Pregnant Women to Make You More Calm and Comfortable: Don`t Just Go


The Christmas and New Year holidays have arrived. Many people are now preparing to leave for their destinations. However, for pregnant women, going on holiday can be a challenge in itself.

Therefore, you should consider carefully before leaving. SUPER AIR JET’s Chief Executive Officer, Ari Azhari, in his statement recommended special tips that focus on the special needs of pregnant women.

“First, to ensure the safety of pregnant women and babies, Super Air Jet allows pregnant women to fly up to a maximum gestational age of 35 weeks,” he said in his statement.

Pregnancy illustration Is pregnancy control covered by BPJS (Pixabay) Second, before departure, prospective pregnant passengers are required to include a letter of recommendation from a doctor stating that the pregnant woman can travel by airplane. This letter must be issued a maximum of 7 days before the departure date.

Third, when reporting at the check-in area at the airport, pregnant women are expected to fill out a statement provided by Super Air Jet. This letter contains important information regarding the health condition and ability of pregnant women to travel by air.

These tips are designed to ensure an optimal and satisfying travel experience.

1. Choose the Right Flight Schedule

Plan a trip via the BookCabin application, book tickets and get a special discount of IDR 50,000. Hotel booking and online check-in services are available.

2. Consult a Doctor Before Departing

Before planning a trip, consult your travel plans with a gynecologist. Make sure that this trip is appropriate to your health condition and stage of pregnancy.

3. Prepare Required Medical Documents

Always bring copies of important medical documents such as pregnancy health records, certificates from doctors, and emergency contacts who can be contacted.

4. Choose a Destination that is Friendly for Pregnant Women

Consider choosing a destination that is friendly for pregnant women, with adequate health facilities and a comfortable environment. Super Air Jet offers routes to popular destinations that can be used as travel references.

5. Comfortable Clothing and Equipment

Wear loose, comfortable clothing during the trip, and be sure to bring necessary pregnancy equipment such as a neck pillow and footwear that can help reduce discomfort.

6. Avoid traveling too far

For maximum safety, avoid traveling too far, especially in the final trimester of pregnancy. Choose a destination that can be reached with a fast travel time.

7. Consider Special Travel Insurance for Pregnant Women

Super Air Jet advises pregnant women to consider special travel insurance that covers pregnancy. This can provide additional protection during travel.

8. Take Breaks and Rest More Often

During your trip, give yourself enough time to rest and move. Stand, walk, or stretch your legs frequently to reduce the risk of blood clots.

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