Wednesday 6 December 2023

Motorbike when it rains, buy snacks wearing flip-flops, end up in hospital


Just happened in the Meruya area, West Jakarta. A teenage boy with a lush posture wearing a pair of flip-flops came out of the house while it was drizzling. The goal is not far away, just to buy warm snacks. However, in the end, he ended up having an accident, aka a traffic accident, which resulted in him having to be taken to hospital.

The user of this black motorbike certainly didn’t expect that, without a helmet, only wearing flip-flops, the excuse was that it was “just a stone’s throw away”.

He forgot to give a turn signal or signage lamp, the brake he stepped on missed due to the rainy conditions and his thin flip-flops had no traction, in the end the motorbike’s stern collided with the car’s nose until the front bumper that was hit also fell off.

This incident immediately reminded me of last year’s appeal. Namely, motorcyclists are not permitted to wear flip-flops. Even though there are no fines.

The Head of the National Police Traffic Corps (Kakorlantas) at that time, Inspector General Pol Firman Santyabudi, gave an example of a motorist who wanted to go on a motorbike over a short distance.

“Because there are members of the public who say something like, “Sir, you’re just close, really. Masa just wants to buy tempeh at the market (wearing shoes) all kinds of things,” he said at that time.

“In fact, the accident on the road was actually from home to the market, which he bought tempeh routinely every day and there was no accident on purpose,” said Deputy’s son The President of the Republic of Indonesia, Try Sutrisno.

Based on the recent flip-flops incident and the appeal from the National Police Traffic Corps, every motorcyclist should prepare as best as possible before leaving the house on a motorbike, both short and long distances. 

Illustration of a motorbike wearing flip-flops. [/Riki Chandra] Namely wearing a head protector or helmet, closed style leg protectors that don’t slide easily, jacket and gloves.

In full, regarding the security and safety of motorbike riders it has been regulated in Minister of Transportation Regulation Number 12 of 2019 article 4 which explains the fulfillment of driver safety aspects. It reads:

Wear a jacket with material that can reflect light Along with the driver’s identityWear long trousersWear shoesWear glovesBring a raincoat. And especially in the rainy season, pay attention to the tire grip and braking distance which is different compared to the dry season or without water droplets.

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