Wednesday 6 December 2023

7 Characteristics of Used Flooded Cars, You Should Watch Out for!


Buying a used car is one solution to owning a private vehicle, without spending a lot of money like when buying a new car. But consumers must be careful, because used cars often have many problems. One of them is a car that was flooded.

The characteristics of flooded cars are often not easily visible. But if you research, there are actually several characteristics of a car that has been submerged in a flood. Here are the details:

1. Rust Cars that have been flooded usually have rust on several parts, such as the bumper, under the dashboard, under the seat, handbrake bolts and bumper.

2. Fungus on the engine Apart from rust, because it is damp, it is easy to find fungus on the engine block. So before buying a used car, it is important to research the condition of the engine. If there are mold spots, it should be suspected that it is a car that has been flooded.

3. Rough sound Cars that have been flooded usually make a rough sound when starting. This can happen because water has entered the engine and mixed with oil. Rough sounds are caused by excessive friction in the engine, because the performance of oil mixed with water is not optimal.

Rough sounds also appear from the fan belt bearing or AC compressor bearing. Inside the bearing there is an iron ball coated with grease. If it comes into contact with water, the grease no longer functions normally so the metal ball is dry and the friction is rougher.

4. Electrical sockets turn yellow If the electrical sockets start to turn yellow, it should be suspected because they have been submerged in flood water. Electrical sockets should be white. However, when submerged in water for a long time it can turn yellowish.

5. Oil changes color If a used car has just been submerged in a flood and the oil has not been changed, the oil will change color. Oil that has been mixed with water usually has a color similar to coffee milk: brownish white. This can be checked using the dipstick.

6. Interior Cars that have been flooded also usually have defects in the interior. Defects can be found in door trim made from fabric, velvet or leather which turns stretchy or brittle. Car carpets that are submerged in flooding also tend to stretch.

7. Cheaper prices Usually used flooded cars are also sold at cheaper prices compared to similar cars on the market. This happens because used flooded cars are more difficult to sell and if they are still used, many problems arise.

These are the 7 characteristics of used flooded cars that you need to know before shopping for a second hand vehicle. I hope this helps!

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