Wednesday 6 December 2023

Not many people know the aims and objectives of making red carpets at gas stations


At public fuel filling stations (SPBU), you will often find zones painted in red near the filling dispensers. This zone is often called the red carpet.

This Red Carpet is not installed in all dispensers at gas stations, but only in a few.

This gas station provides a red carpet, apparently it has a purpose and purpose. Reporting from pertaminapatraniaga, this red carpet function is intended to give priority to motorists who want to fill up with non-subsidized fuel.

Arya Yusa Dwicandra, Area Manager Comm, Rail & CRT Pertamina Patra Niaga Regional Kalimantan also mentioned that this red carpet is a form of priority for buyers of non-subsidized fuel.

With this, drivers don’t need to queue like other vehicles that fill up with subsidized fuel.

Illustration of filling up with non-subsidized fuel in Semarang. [Pertamina Doc] “Red Carpet is a special lane service for customers using non-subsidized fuel, a special lane separate from the queue for subsidized fuel. “This makes the service faster, exclusive and time-saving,” said Arya.

Inevitably, this red carpet is often seen in Pertamax, Pertamax Turbo, Pertamax Dex and Dexlite dispensers.

“It is hoped that the existence of special services will increase comfort for the public and customers who want to switch to using non-subsidized fuel, so that subsidized fuel can be enjoyed by people who are entitled and more targeted,” concluded Arya.

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