Thursday 28 December 2023

Once trending because of BCL, the Honda Spacy changed shape


Honda Spacy has now changed shape after previously trending because of Bunga Citra Lestari aka BCL.

Honda Spacy gets a refresh in China. Reporting from, Wuyang Honda China changed the appearance of the Honda Spacy with an increasingly sporty design.

Changes can be seen in the aerodynamic fascia, which tapers more downwards. Then, the body details are more futuristic than the previous version.

Not only changes to the exterior, the Honda Spacy in China is also equipped with the latest features such as a secure key shutter which is integrated with the ignition key, handlebar lock and trunk lock. Don’t forget, there is a trunk that is quite large and can accommodate a helmet and many other items.

Honda Spacy circulating in Indonesia (hondacengkareng) The Honda Spacy 125 is equipped with a single cylinder engine with a capacity of 125 cc. With this engine, this motorbike is capable of producing up to 8.97 hp with a maximum torque of 9.8 Nm.

For prices, this motorbike is priced starting from 8.88 thousand Yuan or the equivalent of Rp. 18.9 million.

Unfortunately, the Honda Spacy in Indonesia is no longer sold even though it has attracted BCL in advertising. The reason is, this motorbike is less competitive than competitors within its own manufacturer such as the Honda BeAT, BeAT Street, Vario 125.

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