Thursday 28 December 2023

Understand How to Check Electronic Tickets, It`s Quite Simple


Electronic ticketing has started to be implemented in several regions in Indonesia. Of course, some drivers must be careful when driving on the road.

The reason is, the police will not immediately give a ticket on the spot when a car commits a violation on the road.

Carers will get a “love letter” at home when they violate traffic signs on the road.

So how do cars see if they have committed a traffic violation? Here’s how to check a car when it commits a violation, as reported on the official Daihatsu Indonesia website.

1. Visit the official ETLE page, which can be accessed via

2. Then fill in the vehicle data. Vehicle owners are asked to upload information in the form of vehicle registration number, frame number and engine number. All this information can be found on the vehicle registration without the need to physically check the vehicle.

3. Next, the car driver can check the violations that have been committed by clicking “check data”. From this data, it is shown whether the car violated traffic or not.

If a vehicle with a certain license plate number is proven to have committed a violation, a notification will appear with details of the violation, including location, type of vehicle, and time the violation occurred.

However, if the page display shows ‘no data available’ or ‘data not found’, it means that the vehicle was not observed to have committed a violation.

4. For vehicle owners who find a violation, the next step is to pay the sanctions to avoid blocking their STNK. There are three payment options, namely via the e-Tilang website, transfer, or payment at a designated bank teller.

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