Thursday 7 December 2023

Opening MarketPlus Conference 2023, Hermawan Kartajaya Mentions Elon Musk and Chinese Electric Cars as Examples


On Thursday (7/12/2023), marketing expert Hermawan Kartajaya officially opened the 2024 MarketPlus Conference in the ballroom of The Ritz Charlton Jakarta. This series of events is exciting, presenting more than 20 economic speakers from various countries in a two-day talk show. Then there was an exhibition of dozens of well-known brands in the world of marketing, including the awarding of 18 people with The Best Industry Marketing Champion Marketeer of the Year 2023.

In typical Suroboyoan style, the man who was born in Surabaya 18 November 1947 revealed the guest stars who were present at the MarketPlus event The 2023 conference comes from ASEAN, Asia and Europe. Then the country’s well-known brands include Pertamina, Garuda, and TransJakarta.

Then, at the virtual opening, Prof. Philip Kotler, the Father of Modern Marketing, was also present who congratulated and succeeded in organizing this interesting event.

Then narratively, Hermawan Kartajaya shows two of his portraits. The left is a real photo or taken as is, while the other is the result of AI (Artificial Intelligence). The two of them are very opposite, with very interesting results, showing him like a rocker, similar to Keith Richard or Mick Jagger from the rock band The Rolling Stones.

Portrait of our country today and plans for the future presented at the opening of the MarkPlus Conference 2023 by Hermawan Kartajaya [/CNR ukirsari] “Technology makes conditions completely uncertain or inconclusive. This is one example, between original and AI, and in “In fact, what we believe in are images created by AI. That’s why technology shouldn’t stop us from becoming better people,” he explained.

On a broader scale, he added that we cannot save planet Earth without collaboration, that is why unified or unification steps are needed, as well as uniting the online and offline sectors.

There are several examples that could be brought up, such as the show at Disneyland. Like the film Frozen being shown in cinemas but the real show can also be watched. The two go hand in hand and provide greater benefits.

This is also an example of one of the hotel business models in Bali. The investment is not in the form of super luxurious rooms, but the management pays great attention to the surrounding nature by creating a waste laboratory.

“So their social media also displays, among other things, artistic portraits of piles of sandals from trash selection. We can save the planet by creating,” said Hermawan Kartajaya.

President Joko Widodo when meeting with Elon Musk [Photo: ANTARA] Similar in the automotive world, namely the emergence of electric vehicles as part of saving planet Earth.

“Like Elon Musk, for example. With electric cars he thinks about better conditions on the earth. Then reviews marketing and product manufacturing,” he continued.

Further exemplifying electric cars as a differentiator in conditions was when he was called by one of his colleagues who was in a city in mainland China, as well as Hong Kong – China’s special administrative region which consists of an island and an area attached to mainland China .

“The distance between Hong Kong and Shenzhen is only 20 minutes. However, the difference is felt. One of the cities uses almost 100 percent electric vehicles (EV) so the atmosphere is quiet, not noisy. Including Huawei, there they have electric cars “My friend is furious, why can’t our country be like this,” he said, half asking.

“This year, EVs will grow,” added Hermawan Kartajaya.

From these examples, he revealed that technology, sustainability, probability and the current situation need to be pushed towards the progress of our country. He showed four scenarios, namely: Indonesia has not changed and remains Indonesia as we know it now, the capital of the archipelago which is still a utopia to be realized together, the country of Konoha as a scenario about the future, and the country of Wakanda with high technology which suddenly existed.

Hopefully advances in electric vehicle or EV technology will become part of Indonesia’s journey towards the future that Hermawan Kartajaya mentioned as projecting the uncertainty with operational excellence towards unified various online-offline factors so as to form immersive marketing.

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