Saturday 9 December 2023

Participating in Making the National Capital of the Archipelago Environmentally Friendly, PLN Prepares Ultra Fast Charging SPKLU Infrastructure


The National Capital (IKN) of the Archipelago in North Penajam Paser District, East Kalimantan, is designed to be a 10 Minute City. This means that the mode of transportation in the city will take people to various important locations in a short time. Some options are walking, cycling or driving using electricity or other renewable energy that is free of exhaust emissions.

Quoted from the Antara news agency, PT PLN (Persero) is gradually fulfilling the need for Public Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (SPKLU) in the archipelago in realizing a green and environmentally friendly IKN.

PLN has provided SPKLU infrastructure in an effort to fulfill electric car charging. Until September 2023, PLN has provided two SPKLU units in the IKN area.

Example of recharging an electric motorbike battery at SPKLU [/CNR ukirsari]. “Because IKN will be a futuristic city, where all modes of transportation used must be environmentally friendly. We are ready to support the infrastructure needs for charging electric vehicles,” explained Darmawan Prasodjo, Main Director of PLN in a written statement on Saturday (9/12/2023).

In the near future, PLN will add five ultra fast charging mobile SPKLUs in the IKN Central Government Core Area (KIPP), including around the Presidential Palace, Glamping IKN, housing for construction workers to Plaza Ceremony. Then there will be an additional 19 SPKLU at KIPP IKN in 2024.

Darmawan Prasodjo said that to build an electric vehicle ecosystem in IKN, PLN needs to collaborate with various parties so that PLN opens up opportunities for collaboration with various parties in providing SPKLU for cars and Public Electric Vehicle Battery Exchange Stations (SPBKLU) for motorbikes at IKN.

“Apart from us building SPKLU independently, we will also collaborate with the owners of shopping centers, hospitals and offices in IKN,” he said.

Not only at KIPP IKN, PLN also ensures that SPKLU is available in IKN buffer cities such as Balikpapan and Samarinda. Currently, there are nine SPKLU spread across East Kalimantan and North Kalimantan. This number will increase by 31 units in 2024.

Overall, PLN is ready to support the government’s seriousness in building IKN with the concept of a smart, green, beautiful and environmentally friendly forest city. All mobility at IKN will use environmentally friendly electricity-based transportation modes.

Apart from that, PLN has also inaugurated 21 units of Green Hydrogen Plants on November 20 2023 in several locations in Indonesia. It is stated that the production of green hydrogen or the Green Hydrogen Plant will be projected as an environmentally friendly alternative fuel in the future.

If a commercial comparison is made between hydrogen, batteries (electric vehicles) and gasoline, hydrogen is the most economical fuel. Commercially, per kilometer produced from 21 Green Hydrogent Plant is IDR 355 per kilometer. Meanwhile, using an EV (electric vehicle) is around IDR 370 per kilometer and a petrol car is IDR 1,600 per kilometer.

With a hydrogen-fueled transportation ecosystem, the government’s target of achieving emission loads by 2060 can be supported.

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