Saturday 9 December 2023

So that your motorbike luggage remains durable, avoid storing these 5 items


One of the considerations consumers take when buying a motorbike is luggage capacity. Because motorbike luggage is currently an important component.

The trunk is used to store items such as raincoats, tool kits and other items needed by motorists.

However, quite a few motorcyclists actually neglect taking care of their motorbike luggage. Even though it doesn’t affect performance, the trunk does affect driving comfort.

As the area under the seat, aka the seat, the trunk plays a vital role in maintaining balance and stability during travel.

Therefore, motorcyclists should also pay attention to the luggage they want to put in their trunk.

The following are the types of items that should be avoided in the trunk of a motorbike, as reported on the official Suzuki Indonesia page.

1. Liquids that are easy to spill

Some liquids that are easy to spill, such as drink bottles, should be avoided. However, if forced, motorists must ensure that the drink bottle is tightly closed so that liquid does not spill into the trunk.

2. Sharp Objects

These objects can scratch the trunk and worst of all can damage the lining of the trunk.

3. Electronic objects without protection

Just like sharp objects, the presence of these objects can damage the lining of the motorbike trunk.

4. Items with rough surfaces

Items such as stationery with rough parts or heavy equipment that can leave scratches, can damage the coating of the luggage.

5. Objects that leak easily

One example of an object that easily leaks is a thin plastic bag or bottle that can break. If these items are forced in, they can damage the luggage lining and create a risk of accidents.

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