Sunday 17 December 2023

Pursuing Clean Emissions by 2045, Next Year Bali Provincial Government Employees Must Use the Following Vehicles


In addition to the Indonesian Government’s provisions for Net Zero Emission or NZE 2060, various provinces in Indonesia are also implementing similar regulations, which support the reduction of exhaust emissions from motorized vehicles. This rule is implemented, among others, by the Provincial Government or the Bali Provincial Government. Where after the end of this year, all Bali ASN employees must use environmentally friendly vehicles.`

Quoted from the Antara news agency, the Bali Provincial Government is aware that this policy for employees is quite surprising because not all employees, both ASN and non-ASN have motorized vehicles electricity, so they want everything to happen in stages and cannot be implemented immediately by all employees.

“Not all employees can immediately have electric vehicles, because they have to buy them. What are the economic conditions like, that’s why we have to be realistic, for those who have a good electric vehicle, if you just want to buy one, go ahead, but for those who don’t have one, there are already vehicles prepared by the Bali Provincial Government (public transportation), please use them. “The route already exists, so each person uses their own alternative,” explained Dewa Made Indra, Bali Regional Secretary (Sekda).

Trans Metro Dewata Bus [] He added that the use of low-emission transportation only applies every Friday. Friday was chosen as the last working day of each week, so that after that the relevant OPD (Regional Apparatus Organization) will carry out routine evaluations of its employees.

Periodically there will be an agency tasked with recording the percentage of use of environmentally friendly transportation, if the figure is low then the government will look for more efforts to pursue Bali’s net zero emissions by 2045.

“The evaluation will be later if there is an increase, we can increase it to two days in a week, that’s what evaluation means. “Eventually, every day, we are setting an example for society,” continued Dewa Made Indra.

Gradually, this policy is to show the public about environmentally friendly transportation, even some government service vehicles are already electric-based and in the future the rest will be adjusted to the existing budget.

In its implementation, all employees within the Bali Provincial Government are required to use low-emission transportation such as electric motorized vehicles or public bus transportation every Friday starting from January 2024.

“Starting next year, it will be December. “The plan is for early 2024, but just starting, that doesn’t mean it will be 100 percent straight away because employees need to prepare themselves,” said Dewa Made Indra in Denpasar.

This policy was implemented after the Acting Governor of Bali issued Circular Letter Number 8 of 2023 concerning reducing carbon emissions through the use of environmentally friendly transportation every Friday, with the aim being that Bali’s target of achieving net zero emissions by 2045 can be realized.

“The government issues policies, the government must set an example, lead by example. “So don’t just order, right, but be an example,” he said.

Later in this policy employees will be given the choice between using privately owned electric motorized vehicles or using government public transportation such as the Trans Sarbagita Bus or the Trans Metro Dewata Bus.

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