Sunday 17 December 2023

9 Tips to Keep Your Car Battery Lasting: When is it Time to Change It?


A car battery is one of the key components that ensures your vehicle keeps running smoothly.

However, there are many unique facts regarding car battery maintenance that perhaps not many people know.

So that the car battery remains durable and functions optimally, there are several important points that need to be considered.

Here are 9 unique facts and car battery maintenance tips that you need to know, quoted from Startrescue.

Illustration of the battery indicator light on a car (Shuttestock). 1. Replace Every Four Years

It is recommended to replace the car battery every four years. Don’t try to extend the life of the battery any more than necessary, as losing power mid-ride can be an unpleasant experience.

2. Check the Acid Level

As part of car battery maintenance, check the battery acid level every six months. Be aware of acid stratification, especially if the car is frequently used for short trips with many power accessories.

3. Add Water Carefully

If the electrolyte level is low, add distilled water carefully until it covers the battery plates. Use a special funnel or bottle to control the water flow. After adding water, use the battery charger to recharge.

4. Perform a Battery Load Test

As part of comprehensive maintenance, perform a battery load test every month, which can be performed by a mechanic. This test is important to ensure the battery can charge properly, even in freezing temperatures.

5. Clean the Battery

Dust and dirt can harm the battery and cause corrosion. Clean the top of the battery and around the terminals regularly. Cleaning with a mixture of baking soda and water using a wire brush can help remove corrosion.

6. Make sure the cables are tied tightly

It is important that the battery cables remain tied properly. Make sure to keep the cables tied together to keep everything safe and secure.

7. Don’t Leave the Car for Too Long

If you leave the car for too long without using it, the battery can lose power. It is recommended to drive the vehicle at least every three days to keep the battery charged.

8. Maintain Battery Temperature

Cold weather can be detrimental to the battery. It is recommended to maintain battery temperature, especially during winter. An engine heater or battery heater can help maintain battery performance.

9. Avoid Overcharging

If you charge the battery manually, avoid overcharging because it can cause damage. Check the charging progress every half hour to avoid excessive overcharge.

By understanding these facts and following maintenance tips, you can ensure your car battery remains durable and ready for use at all times. Don’t ignore the important role the battery plays in the overall health of your vehicle.

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