Sunday 17 December 2023

9 Signs of a Used Motorcycle That`s Not Worth Buying, You Must Know


Buying a used motorbike can be a wise choice to save your budget, but you need to be careful not to get a vehicle that is not suitable.

Remember to always buy a used motorbike from a trusted seller and make sure to bring a mechanic or someone experienced to help carry out a thorough check before deciding to buy.

There are several signs you need to pay attention to when buying a used motorbike so you don’t be disappointed with the purchase.

1. Poor Physical Condition

Check the physical condition of the motorbike thoroughly. If there is serious damage to the body, paint, or other parts, this could be an indication that the motorbike has been in an accident or lacks maintenance.

2. High Kilometers

The number of kilometers traveled by a motorbike can provide an idea of ​​its age and level of use. Motorcycles with a very high number of kilometers may have a higher risk of mechanical problems.

3. Incomplete Documents:

Make sure documents such as STNK, BPKB, and service invoices are complete and original. Incomplete or suspicious documents may indicate legal or ownership issues.

4. Unnatural Engine Noise

When doing a test ride, pay attention to the engine sound. If you hear strange sounds, such as knocking or unusual ringing, this could be an indication of a mechanical problem.

5. Colored Smoke

White or blue smoke when the engine is running can indicate a problem with the engine, such as an oil leak or combustion problem.

6. Tires and Suspension

Check the condition of the tires and suspension. If the tires are worn or have cracks, and the suspension feels uncomfortable or has a leak, this could require additional repair costs.

7. Electrical System Problems

Make sure the entire electrical system is functioning properly, including lights, horns and other indicators. Problems with electrical systems can be difficult and expensive to repair.

8. Accident History

Perform a visual inspection of the motorbike frame to look for signs of repair or concealment of accident damage.

9. Price Too Cheap

If the price of the motorbike is too cheap compared to its condition, beware. A price that is too low may be a sign that there is a problem that the seller is not disclosing.

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