Wednesday 27 December 2023

Richest in Jogja, This is the Wealth of the Regent of Gunungkidul Who Allowed Raffi Ahmad to Build a Beach Club


The controversy over plans to build a beach club and resort initiated by artist Raffi Ahmad in the Gunungkidul area, Yogyakarta is still hotly discussed.

Many protests from the public regarding development plans on 10 hectares of land arose because the development would be built on the eastern Gunungsewu Karst Landscape Area (KBAK) which is a protected area.

Raffi Ahmad himself admitted that he had collaborated with the Regent of Gunungkidul, Sunaryanta, who had given permission for the new tourist development in Gunungkidul.

Even though there have been many protests from the public, Raffi, accompanied by Sunaryanta himself, has laid the first stone as a sign that the construction of the beach club will soon be implemented.

The figure of Sunaryanta himself is starting to come under public scrutiny because he is considered inconsistent in preserving protected areas in Gunungkidul. Previously, Sunaryanta was also called the richest regent in Yogyakarta. So, how much wealth does Sunaryanta have?

Assets of the Regent of Gunungkidul Sunaryanta

Based on the LHKPN reported by Sunaryanta on December 31 2022, this retired TNI officer was recorded as having assets worth IDR 10.51 billion. Sunaryanta is recorded as having assets in the form of land and buildings spread across the Gunungkidul and Bantul areas worth IDR 9.07 billion.

Not only that, Sunaryanta also owns assets of transportation equipment and machinery, namely a 2018 Kawasaki E 250 T motorbike worth IDR 30 million and an Innova Venturer 2.0 car worth IDR 230 million.

He is also recorded as having other movable assets worth IDR 247 million, cash and cash equivalents worth IDR 184 million, other assets worth IDR 760 million.

This wealth report record makes Sunaryanta one of the richest regents in the Special Region of Yogyakarta after the Regent of Sleman, Kustini Sri Purnomo.

Before being appointed as Regent of Gunungkidul for the 2021-2024 period, Sunaryanta himself worked as a retired TNI AD officer. This man who was born in Gunungkidul finally resigned from his profession as personal assistant to Ryamizard Ryacudu, the former Kostrad Commander for the 2002 period because he was running for regent of Gunungkidul with his partner, Heri Susanto.

Sunaryanta was also elected as the 28th Regent of Gunungkidul and was inaugurated in February 2021.

Sunaryanta himself approved Raffi Ahmad’s plan to build a beach club in the eastern Gunungsewu Karst Landscape Area (KBAK). According to him, this could boost the economy of local residents.

“The impact will of course be that more tourists will come to Gunungkidul and the community’s economy will also improve,” said Sunaryanta.

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