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Who is Imam Mahdi, the leader of the end times called Abah Aos, similar to Anies Baswedan


Presidential candidate number 1, Anies Baswedan is said to be similar to Imam Mahdi. This was revealed by an elderly cleric named Abah Aos, a female spiritual teacher named Eka Anugrah who recently went viral.

It is known that Eka Anugrah, who is a midwife and entrepreneur, donated 100 cars to the winning team AMIN (Anies Baswedan Muhaimin Iskandar). He expressed support for Anies because of Abah Aos’ request. So who is Imam Mahdi who Abah Aos said was similar to Anies Baswedan? Check out the following explanation.

Who is Imam Mahdi who is likened to Anies Baswedan?

Abah Aos handed over the amulet to Anies Baswedan at the Jagat ‘Arsy World Islamic Boarding School, Nusaloka BSD Complex, South Tangerang, Saturday (12/08/2023). [Photo: Suara Tasikmalaya] Imam Mahdi is a name that is probably no longer foreign to the ears of Muslims. This is because Imam Mahdi is a figure who is widely told about and it is explained that his appearance is a sign that the apocalypse will occur.

The figure of Imam Mahdi is narrated in various hadiths which contain confirmation from the Prophet Muhammad SAW that his appearance was truly believed and not in the slightest doubt. Imam Mahdi’s reign is said to last for 7 to 8 years.

There are several physical characteristics and characteristics of Imam Mahdi mentioned in the authentic history. From a physical perspective, Imam Mahdi is a man who has a sharp nose, wide forehead, thin elongated eyebrows, both of which are separate.

Imam Mahdi’s eyes were black and large, his cheeks had black moles, his front teeth were shiny, his beard was thick. Meanwhile her face shone like a brilliant star. On his shoulder there is a sign like a prophetic sign.

Imam Mahdi’s body is like an Israeli, his skin color is like an Arab, his thighs are thin and when he speaks his tone is a bit heavy. Imam Mahdi’s age when he appeared was in the range of 30 to 40 years.

In terms of character, Imam Mahdi is as devoted to Allah as a vulture is to his wings. Imam Mahdi’s morals are similar to those of a prophet. He is said to have met Isa bin Maryam and was asked to be the imam when praying with Prophet Isa.

There are a number of signs of the coming of Imam Mahdi, including:

The Euphrates River will be sucked or split open to reveal mountains of gold. There will be a lunar eclipse at the beginning of the night of Ramadan and a solar eclipse in the middle of the night. These two events have never happened since the creation of the earth and the sky. The appearance of the horn of Dzu as-Sinin which has two ends. The rise of a star with a luminous tail. There was a big fire burning from the east for 3 or 7 nights. The sky became completely dark. aniesbaswedan) Abah Aos likened Anies Baswedan to Imam Mahdi during Sheikh Abdul Qodir Jaelani’s manaqib event at the Cimahi Grand Mosque, West Java, last Saturday (15/7/2023). “Who is Imam Mahdi? Doctoral professor Anies Rasyid Baswedan, that is Imam Al Mahdi,” said Abah Aos.

Various responses were expressed by the public regarding Abah Aos’ viral video. Anies’ supporters agreed with Abah Aos’ statement, while others considered the video to be a hoax . 

The video was allegedly edited in such a way that it looked as if Abah Aos was supporting Anies in the 2024 presidential election. Even though in fact Abah Aos was explaining about the Dajjal and Imam Mahdi.

The deputy secretary general of the Democratic Party, Jansen Sitindaon, responded to the virality of Abah Aos’ video. As the leader of the party supporting Anies in the 2024 presidential election, Jansen admits that he does not understand the Imam Mahdi, including Anies who is predicted to be Imam Mahdi. front. “Oh my gosh, I don’t understand anything about Imam Mahdi. “What I know is that through elections, we want to elect the leader of this nation,” wrote Jansen via the X account @jansen_jsp on Monday (7/8/2023).

“In my opinion, the conditions are that he must have ideas, be smart, understand the problems he will face and must be resolved in our very large, communal and diverse nation, etc.,” he continued.

Therefore, according to Jansen, these narratives do not need to be echoed to strengthen the figures promoted. “For this reason, even if we have to judge If someone doesn’t deserve to be a leader, we just use ‘world parameters’ which are measurable, visible and can be assessed. “There is no need to use ‘celestial parameters’ all with various strange terms and epithets,” he said.

“The incarnation of God, the incarnation of this, etc., the incarnation of this priest, that priest, etc. cannot be verified. It’s like there’s nothing left to sell from the candidate we support. “I personally do not agree and prohibit things like this,” added Jansen.

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