Wednesday 27 December 2023

Saying she doesn`t want to lower her standards, what was the reason why Aaliyah Massaid chose Tariq Halilintar as her lover?


The relationship between Aaliyah Massaid and Tariq Halilintar still continues to attract public attention. The reason is that both of them have never clearly opened up about their status.

Often seen with each other, not a few netizens support the relationship between Aaliyah Massaid and Thariq Halilintar, because the two of them are considered to look good together.

However, unfortunately there are also many slanted comments, which think that the daughter of the late Adjie Massaid could actually get a better man than Tariq Halilintar. Moreover, Fuji’s ex-lover is often considered to have not moved on and is depressed when he is with Aaliyah Massaid.

Responding to this, Aaliyah Massaid also revealed to Olla Ramlan that she would not lower her standards for someone who would be with her in the future.

Because, since childhood, this 21 year old woman felt that she received a lot of attention from her father, who looked after her and made her a special person.

“I wouldn’t lower my standards because my dad takes care of me like that,” he concluded as quoted on TikTok @denasqefeff, Thursday (28/12/2023).

So, said Aaliyah Massaid, if she felt that she was not being treated well by someone or an environment, she would definitely leave that place. Because that would only hurt the father who was taking care of him the best he could.

“So if one day I feel that someone doesn’t treat me like that for my future, then I can’t possibly still be in that place because that’s how much he takes care of me,” he added.

Aaliyah Massaid’s words were immediately linked to the treatment of Tariq Halilintar and his family, who of course treated Reza Artamevia’s daughter well and considered her a special figure too.

If not, Aaliyah Massaid would have walked away from her lover and his family. This video also received so many comments from netizens.

“Masyaallah, bro @thariqhalilintar, always love me, bro, we here can only help pray for the best for you,” said @asixxxxx.

“Back off wirrr, your rival is a foreigner, a noble’s daughter,” said @gpuxxxx.

“Masya Allah, I have the right to be happy, since I was little I have had many life journeys filled with sadness,” added @eviexxxx.

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