Saturday 23 December 2023

Silhouette portrait of BCL with Tiko Aryawardhana is similar to when he was with Ashraf Sinclair, Netizens are also moved


The portrait of Bunga Citra Lestari (BCL) together with Tiko Aryawardhana still makes the public curious. Their marriage, which was also widely discussed on social media, made netizens also seem to be waiting for the continuation of their second household.

However, the contemporary portrait of BCL and Tiko has apparently succeeded in surprising the public. The reason is, the concept of their photo is apparently similar to the portrait of BCL when they were still with the late Ashraf Sinclair.

The BCL and Tiko fanbase Instagram accounts made a collage of the two photos side by side. And it’s true that at first glance it looks similar to BCL being held by her two husbands in different photos and at different times.

The photo on the right shows BCL and Ashraf walking down the hall with glass holding each other’s hands. Ashraf wore a pink shirt and white trousers, while BCL wore a purple mini dress.

The portrait on the left shows BCL and Tiko who are also holding hands in a hallway full of photos. This portrait shows more of a black and white silhouette. However, you can still see that Tiko is wearing a black shirt and trousers. Meanwhile, BCL wore a matching spaghetti strap dress.

“Arghhh the photo style can be really the same, sad mixed with happiness,” said the vaption post, quoted on Saturday (23/12/2023).

Netizens who commented also felt the same way. They also hope that Tiko will also be able to love the singer of the song True Love as much as Ashraf did.

“The late Ashraf looks really darling… hopefully the new one too,” said netizen with the account @noniaxxxxx.

“May it last forever… Bunga & Tiko,” prayed the account @itsmxxxx.

“That’s how it is, Sis Unge… if a partner in our life is good and will be replaced well… I hope Sis unge with Mas Tiko will last forever,” commented the account @razixxxx.

It is known that BCL and Ashraf’s marriage was separated by death after 12 years of marriage. Ashraf died at the age of 40 in February 2020 due to a heart attack. Having been a widow for almost four years, BCL decided to remarry Tiko on December 2 2023.

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