Saturday 23 December 2023

Hamish Daud Allegedly Doesn`t Pay Workers` Salaries, Take Another Look at Raisa`s Luxury Bags


Hamish Daud’s name has recently been in the spotlight after he was suspected of not paying his employees’ salaries on the platform he built, Octopus. This news went viral after the X account @muthiastp wrote that Raisa’s husband often travels, but does not pay his employees’ salaries.

“Hamish Daud is suspected of not paying his employees. Octopus is a platform that Hamish Daud and his friends built to collect used rubbish. Is there anyone who uses it too? The employees are not paid, but instead they go out for a walk, Hamish. How is this?” wrote the Twitter account @muthiastp.

This is surprising because Hamish Daud often shares his lifestyle, often going on holiday with Raisa and her daughter, Zalina. Not only that, her family is also often seen wearing luxury items, including those worn by Raisa.

The singer of the song What is the Meaning of Waiting is often seen carrying bags with luxurious prices, even reaching tens of millions. So what is Raisa’s luxury bag collection? Take a peek at some of the collections below.

1. Valentino Garavani Bag

In the upload of Hamish Daud and Raisa’s family fashion account, Zalina’s mother shows that she has a red Valentino Garavani brand bag. He was seen wearing a Valentino Garavani Vring Smooth Calfskin bag model. The price of this bag is around IDR 45.8 million.

2. Max Mara Bag

Another luxury bag that Raisa owns is the brown Max Mara. Raisa is known to own a Max Mara Small Leather Bucket Bag. The price for the mini bag he was carrying was around IDR 8 million.

3. Alexander Wang Bag

Raisa has another luxury bag in black which comes from the Alexander Wang brand. The bag model owned is the Mini Rocky in Pebbled Black with Rose Gold. The price of the bag he is wearing is around IDR 10.7 million.

4. Chloe Bag

Another luxury bag that Raisa has carried is from the Chloe brand. She was seen carrying this black mini bag when she attended the event with Hamish Daud. The bag she has is a Chloe Nile Minaudiere model. The price for this bag is IDR 21.8 million.

5. Balenciaga Bag

One of Raisa’s luxury bags is white from the Balenciaga brand. He was seen carrying a Balenciaga bag with the Navy Cabas XS model. The price of the white bag he was carrying was IDR 13.3 million.

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