Saturday 23 December 2023

5 Portraits of Starrisya Andhita, Daughter of the Deputy Chief of Police, Agus Andrianto, Who Became a Cover Girl Finalist


After the wedding of Inspector General Andre Azhar, the family of Deputy Chief of Police, Commissioner General Pol Agus Andrianto, is still in the spotlight. One figure who is also in the spotlight is Andre Azhar’s sister, Starrisya Andhita.

 Not only that, in the bio of her personal Instagram account, Starrisya Andhita herself is known to be a finalist for Cover Girl 2023.

In her father’s account she also shows a video of herself actively doing various things. With her talent and beauty, she is a finalist for Cover Girl 2023.

To see her beauty, here is a collection of portraits of Starrisya Andhita.

1. Close up photo with kebaya

In one of her self-portraits, a photo of Starrisya Andhita is shown. In the photo, Agus Andrianto’s daughter is seen wearing a black kebaya with her hair tied in a bun. Starrisya Andhita also appeared to be smiling facing the camera with earrings and a necklace as accessories.

2. Candid photos of Starrisya Andhita

In another photo, you can see Starrisya Andhita posing candidly. With her long hair, she is seen wearing pink with cutbray jeans. In the photo she shared, Starrisya Andhita appears to be looking at a place with a view of the garden behind her.

3. At the Mandalika Circuit

Another portrait shows Starrisya Andhita posing at the Mandalika Circuit, Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. He is seen wearing a white shirt with a blue outer. The trousers and shoes he wore were also white to match his clothes. Meanwhile, he was seen posing with views of the racing circuit and the sea.

4. Wearing a kebaya

In another upload, it shows a photo of Starrisya Andhita wearing a full body kebaya. In the photo, Starrisya Andhita is seen wearing a blue kebaya with a gray cloth skirt underneath. He was seen posing against the backdrop of beautiful room decorations.

5. Wearing a crop top

Starrisya Andhita also uploaded a portrait of herself wearing a cream-colored crop top. Meanwhile, he was seen wearing outerwear with a floral motif design. For her bottoms, Starrisya Andhita wore a cream-colored skirt that matched the crop top she was wearing.

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