Wednesday 6 December 2023

Take a peek at the choices of used automatic cars under Rp. 100 million that could be an option


Automatic cars are currently considered a necessity for some people who live in big cities. As a result, demand for automatic transmission vehicles continues to increase.

This is directly proportional to the increase in used automatic cars. The choice of used automatic cars is also more segmented at prices under IDR 100 million.

Following are recommendations for used automatic cars under IDR 100 million, Wednesday (6/12/2023).

Toyota Agya 2016 and Daihatsu Ayla 2018

One of the features of cars that are included in the LCGC class is their very economical petrol consumption. Even though it has an automatic transmission, fuel consumption for the Toyota Agya and Daihatsu Ayla is still able to reach 19 km/liter. Not far from the LCGC requirement which must reach 20 km/liter.

In general, the price of Agya is still slightly more expensive than Ayla, but in terms of quality, both are relatively the same. Among the highest Agya variants is the G TRD AT type. Meanwhile, for Ayla, one of the highest variants is the New R AT type.

These two twin brothers are actually relatively the same in terms of technical and complete features. Among other things, they both use a 1,200 cc engine, Double DIN head unit with Bluetooth and audio steering switch, double airbags and side impact beam. Specifically for the Agya, apart from having a different exterior appearance, it is also equipped with ABS brakes.

Honda Brio 2014

With a budget of IDR 100 million, consumers can get a Honda Brio with automatic transmission. Brio is generally the choice of young people because it has a very sporty design. The 2014 Brio AT is the last generation equipped with a conventional 5-speed automatic (not a CVT). Of course, this is the best choice for those who don’t like the CVT on the Brio in subsequent generations.

The Brio engine with a capacity of 1,200 cc produces 89 hp of power and 110 Nm of torque. The features on the Brio include a Double DIN head unit (not equipped with a monitor), MID, power window on the windshield and rear wiper.

Suzuki Karimun 2018

With a 1,000 cc 3 cylinder engine, the Karimun was the smallest automatic transmission car in its class at that time. But the good news is that buyers can get a 2018 unit which is relatively younger than most other cheap automatic transmission cars.

Karimun itself offers rather minimal specifications, such as 13 ring tires, power windows only on the windshield, single DIN head unit (already USB and Aux), an airbag, minimalist AC settings, MID limited to the odometer, and rear view mirror settings are still manual.

Because Karimun has an engine with 10:1 compression, it is recommended to use a minimum of 92 octane (Pertamax class). If you want to use Pertalite, the ignition level can be lowered with the risk of knocking. Nissan Grand Livina 2014

Even though competition in the LMPV class is getting tighter, the Grand Livina’s comfort and complete features are among the top. Of course, this comfort increases when using a CVT transmission.

Because it is in the middle segment, it is natural that the features are quite complete. Such as front and rear power windows, heater, seat adjuster, reading lights, electric mirrors, rear wiper, airbags, child safety locks, seat belt reminder, front and side impact protection, and USB socket.

Compared to several previous cars, the Grand Livina has the largest engine capacity. Namely 1,500 cc which produces 107 hp of power and 143 Nm of torque. Even so, petrol consumption is also quite economical, namely 12 km/liter for inner city routes.

That’s the list of used automatic cars under IDR 100 million that could be an option as quoted from mobil88.

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