Friday 1 December 2023

To sell quickly, here`s how to sell used motorbikes online


Selling used motorbikes is now very easy thanks to online platforms. Apart from online marketplaces, social media can also be used to market second-hand motorbikes.

It’s just that selling motorbikes online can also make potential buyers less confident in the seller, because they can’t meet face to face.

Therefore, there are several important tips that need to be followed when selling motorbikes online. The following are the steps, as reported on the official Suzuki Indonesia page:

Improve the condition of the motorbike

The first step is to check the condition of the motorbike thoroughly, both engine and exterior. The goal is to make the motorbike look excellent so that it impresses potential buyers.

It would be better, before being marketed, the motorbike is first taken to a repair shop to undergo maintenance.

Check market prices

It cannot be denied, potential buyers of used motorbikes will be more interested in items that are cheaper. Therefore, it is important to check the market price of used motorbikes, so that you can set a price that is equivalent to or at least slightly below the market price.

Illustration of a used motorbike. (instagram/@azzahra_motor77) Documents

Vehicle documents are one of the factors that are the main consideration for prospective buyers. Make sure the documents for the vehicle being sold are complete and the tax has been paid in full.

Used motorbikes with incomplete documents will also be easily suspected of being the proceeds of crime.


It is no less important to pay attention to the visual appearance of used motorbikes being sold on online platforms. Make sure that before displaying it on the internet, the motorbike is tidied up and cleaned.

Apart from that, try to take good photos and videos of your motorbike and from various angles. Also don’t hesitate to listen to the roar of the engine when the motorbike is started.

Choose the right platform

Sell used motorbikes on the right platform. If you sell on social media, make sure you enter a community that matches the type of used motorbike you are selling.

Apart from that, currently there are also many online buying and selling platforms for used vehicles that you can use.

Beware of fraud

Lastly is about transactions. Make sure to meet the prospective buyer directly when making a transaction. It is best to carry out transactions in busy places to prevent crime.

That’s the right way to sell used motorbikes online. I hope this helps!

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