Friday 1 December 2023

These are the prices and specifications for the Honda BeAT Karbu: Cheap and Reliable, you know!


In the world of motorbikes, the HondaBeAT Karbu has proven itself to be a cheap but still tough and reliable option. This motorbike is a favorite for many riders looking for a combination of affordable price and reliable performance.

Apart from that, the slim and quite timeless design means that this motorbike is still suitable for use even after it has been circulating in Indonesia for more than a decade.


Honda BeAT Karbu has reliable engine specifications to provide optimal performance. This motorbike uses a 4-stroke engine with SOHC technology, and has an engine capacity of 108 cc (110) with a diameter x stroke of around 50 x 55 mm. With a compression ratio of 9.2:1, the Honda BeAT Karbu is able to provide efficient thrust.

The maximum power produced reaches 8.22 ps at 8000 rpm, while the maximum torque reaches 0.85 kgf.m at 5500 rpm, showing a good balance between power and fuel efficiency.

Honda BeAT Karbu is equipped with a DC-CDI ignition system and uses a battery as a power source. The clutch used is an automatic, centrifugal type, with a dry type, making it easier to control without the need for manual intervention. This motorbike’s transmission uses an automatic V-Matic system, which allows the rider to ride without having to shift gears manually.

In terms of ignition power, the Honda BeAT Karbu uses ND U24EPR9-NGK CPR8 EA-9 spark plugs. Starting can be done either electrically or by using a kick. By using a 12v-3.5Ah NF battery, this motorbike can be relied on to provide power when needed. All these features make the Honda BeAT Karbu an attractive choice for riders who want a practical, efficient and easy-to-use motorbike.

Illustration of a Beat carburetor motorbike. (Instagram/beatkarbuindonesia) Price of a used Honda BeAT

According to several used motorbike buying and selling sites, used Honda BeAT carburetors are sold at varying prices, starting from 3.5 million to 7 million rupiah depending on location and condition.

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