Monday 25 December 2023

What Filters Are in Cars? Recognize the Different Functions


Today’s modern cars are equipped with various filters which have an important role in maintaining driving performance and comfort.

One of the keys to vehicle maintenance is knowing the different functions of each type of filter available.

The following are four types of filters that are generally found in cars and the different functions of each.

Perform an engine flush and change the car oil [Envato Elements/slavamishura]. 1. Cabin Filter

The cabin filter is located under the vehicle dashboard and has the main function of filtering the air entering the cabin.

The aim is to keep the air in the cabin clean from dust, dirt and allergen particles which can harm the health of the driver and passengers.

With a clean cabin filter, the air you breathe while driving will remain fresh and free from substances that can harm your health.

2. Oil Filter

The oil filter plays a role in maintaining the cleanliness of the oil which functions as a lubricant and engine coolant.

This filter filters dirt and particles that can cause wear on engine parts.

By keeping the oil clean, the oil filter makes a major contribution to maintaining engine performance and preventing damage caused by potentially damaging small particles.

3. Gasoline Filter

The gasoline filter functions to filter contaminants that may be contained in fuel or BBM before it enters the fuel injection system.

Without a good gasoline filter, dirt particles in the fuel can damage engine components and the injection system, resulting in decreased engine performance and reduced fuel efficiency.

4. Engine Filter

Similar to the cabin filter, the engine filter plays a role in filtering the air. However, what is filtered by the engine filter is the air that enters the engine.

This function is very important to keep the air needed by the engine clean from dust and dirt particles. A good engine filter will support optimal combustion and efficient engine performance.

Knowing the different functions of each of these filters is the key to maintaining the performance and health of your car.

Regular maintenance and filter replacement according to the manufacturer’s recommendations is a preventive measure that can increase the service life of your vehicle.

So, make sure to regularly check and replace the filters so that the car remains in optimal condition.

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