Monday 25 December 2023

Tips for Safe Driving So Your Car Doesn`t Have Problems on the Contraflow Route


The government will make various efforts to maintain smooth and orderly traffic during the Christmas 2023 and New Year 2024 (Nataru) holidays.

One way is to carry out traffic engineering in the form of contraflow, where the police will open and close one lane in the opposite direction according to the schedule and field conditions to reduce road congestion

Here are several things that need to be considered so that vehicles remain safe while passing through the lane Contraflow from Auto2000, Sunday (24/12/3023):

Learn Contraflow Schedules and Points

Before passing, you should look for information on contraflow schedules and locations. Information regarding these rules can usually be obtained through social media or toll road operators. Before the opposite lane, there must be signs installed.

Toll Exit Not Passed

In general, contraflow lanes have one entrance and one exit. If you have missed the toll road exit gate, then you need to continue your journey until the contraflow lane ends and look for the toll road exit.

Looking at the contraflow route between KM 47 – KM 87 of the Jakarta Cikampek Toll Road, this means that all toll gates between these points will be passed if you choose the contraflow lane.

Including the interchange to the Cipularang Toll Road bound for Bandung which is at Dawuan KM 67.

Beware for Users of the MBZ Toll Road Flyover

The MBZ Toll Flyover has an ending point around KM 47 of the Cikampek Toll Road. So, there is a possibility that you will not be able to move to the contraflow lane considering that there is the potential for not being able to cut off access. You have to take it into account if it turns out this estimate is correct.

Preparation in the Right Lane Before Access to Contraflow

When you know the point and location of the contraflow lane, it is recommended to prepare the vehicle in the right lane. Be prepared about 2 km before the entrance to the contraflow route so you don’t miss it or make sudden, dangerous maneuvers.

Set Car Speed ​​

The car must not be too fast or too slow in the opposite lane in this direction. If it is too slow, it will hinder traffic. However, if you go too fast it is also dangerous considering you are in the path of another car in the opposite direction. Ideally, vehicle speed on the contraflow lane is 60 km/hour.

Maintain a Safe Distance

Ensure a safe distance from the vehicle in front. Apply the three second theory to maintain a safe distance. By maintaining a safe distance, you can anticipate all possibilities.

These are tips for safe driving when crossing contraflow lanes.

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