Saturday 23 December 2023

While having fun on holiday, Hamish Daud was hit by a sting for allegedly not paying for the hard work of Octopus workers


Unpleasant news comes from Hamish Daud who is said to have not paid for the hard work of conservationists, aka scavengers, through the Octopus application he manages. Complaints came from workers who claimed their payments could not be disbursed.

This issue emerged after a viral thread on the Twitter account @muthiastp, seen on Saturday (23/12/2023) stated that Hamish Daud was suspected of not paying Octopus employees.

“Hamish Daud is suspected of not paying his employees. Octopus is a platform that Hamish Daud and his friends built to collect used waste. Does anyone use it too?” said @muthiastp.

In his thread, Muthia also attached a screenshot of the Octopus social media comments column filled with complaints from conservationists, who complained that they could not disburse the money they earned from collecting recyclable waste.

“Promotion continues but the money earned from the sweat of conservationists and checkpoints is always delayed due to obstacles,” wrote the account @black_dahlia_clyde complete with the hadith on the obligation to pay wages in Islam.

“Please pay attention to conservationists, I haven’t been able to withdraw money for three weeks. How long are you going to wait?” said @gelar_2808.

“Your conservationists are starving, sir. They haven’t been able to withdraw money for almost a month, they also have families, needs, daily operations and so on. Please pay attention to your conservationists who are already fighting on the front line,” continued @leonhendri22.

The tweet also stated that, at a time when there was a lot of talk about not paying conservationist money, Hamish was also said to be having fun on holiday with his baby, Zalina Raine Wyllie or who is familiarly called Zawi. This news was conveyed by Raisa via the broadcast channel on her Instagram.

“Huhuhu I miss Zawi and Dad at night. This time they were gone for 4 nights. But it’s really funny that they are having a Daddy Daughter week together on an adventure on an island,” said Raisa.

Hamish Daud (fourth from the left) at the Octopus application introduction event at M Bloc Space, Jakarta, Wednesday (29/6/2022) [/Adiyoga Priyambodo] Get to know what Octopus is and who is a conservationist?

At the Octopus application launch event in Jakarta which was visited in June 2022, it was stated that Octopus is a waste recycling application in Jakarta, which was inaugurated by the Minister of Cooperatives and SMEs Teten Masduki and the Deputy Governor of DKI Jakarta Ahmad Riza Patria.

In 2022, at that time there were 200,000 users successfully reached by this application, and they were spread across Jakarta, South Tangerang, Bandung, Bali and Makassar. At that time, Octopus also collaborated with 1,700 waste banks.

Meanwhile, conservationists are people who used to be called scavengers who are trained and verified, tasked with picking up trash from Octopus users’ homes and then handing it over to the waste bank. From this waste delivery, both Octopus users and conservationists will get a percentage of profit from the amount of waste delivered.

So in short, Octopus is a waste management system that bridges households or individuals who want to dispose of recyclable waste, conservationists, waste banks and industry.

This application is like an online motorcycle taxi that brings drivers together with passengers, then delivers them. The fees from transporting passengers can be collected and disbursed, just like conservationists who, unfortunately, are said to be unable to collect their rights.

The number of Octopus conservationists is very large, in 2022 alone there were 14,600 conservationists who joined and partnered with this application created by Moehammad Ichsan and Hamish Daud.

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