Sunday 3 December 2023

AHRT Rider Decksa Almer Alfarezel Successfully Won the Title of Thailand Talent Cup 2023, Impressive Until the Final Match


Decksa Almer Alfarezel’s name flew at the Chang International Circuit, Buriram, Thailand in the Thailand Talent Cup or TTC 2023 championship. He not only won the final series championship this year, but successfully won the TTC 2023 champion title.

This year’s TTC 12 race . Decksa Almer Alfarezel managed to collect 243 points from successfully climbing the first podium five times, second podium three times and third podium twice. Then one of his team mates, M Kiandra Ramadhipa, closed the season in third place by gaining 166 points from one first podium finish, two second podium finishes and two third podium finishes.

Quoted from the official release of PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) as received by , the Thailand Talent Cup (TTC) racing championship is one of the levels of AHM racing. The two riders who were fielded under the Astra Honda Racing Team (AHRT) flag were Decksa Almer Alfarezel and M. Kiandra Ramadhipa.

Decksa Almer Alfarezel succeeded in confirming the TTC champion for the 2023 season since the fifth series which took place in September this year, but in the final series of this season, the two AHRT racers performed impressively.

Decksa started from third grid position while Ramadhipa started the race from eighth position. The struggles of these two young people were present from the start of the race. Decksa continued to be in the first group, able to compete closely until he finished in second place, while Ramadhipa finished in eighth place by fighting in the second group.

Both of them continued to be able to compete and provide resistance to other racers in the leading group. Decksa took turns with the host rider to lead the race, until he was able to steal a chance at the last corner and managed to finish second.

“I am grateful and very happy to have succeeded in becoming champion by locking first position in the standings in the previous series. There are many processes that I have done starting from physical training and racing skills which have enabled me to achieve this year’s achievements,” said Decksa.

Decksa Almer Alfarezel while competing at the Chang International Circuit Thailand, 2022 [PT AHM] Apart from the 2023 Asia Road Racing Championship (ARRC) Asia Production (AP250) class, the trio of Rheza Danica Ahrens, Veda Ega Pratama, and Herjun Atna won, and the Thailand Talent Cup ( TTC) 2023 with overall champion Decksa Almer Alfarezel, the AHRT racing team also fielded its racers in the ARRC Supersport class (SS600).

No less exciting, in the first race (2/12/2023), M. Adenanta Putra started from tenth position was able to finish the race by finishing in sixth position. Unfortunately in the second race (3/12/2023), he fell during the warm-up session so he couldn’t take part in the race.

Meanwhile, Fadillah Arbi Aditama as a replacement for Gerry Salim was still adapting to the Honda CBR600RR and was able to finish racing in ninth position.

Fadillah Arbi Aditama, Astra Honda Racing Team rider who is running the second year of JuniorGP racing in Europe [PT Astra Honda Motor]. Until the last series, Adenanta, who participated in the SS600 class in his first year, managed to rank seventh with 89 points. He gave his best performance as third place winner in ARRC 2023 Mandalika, Indonesia in August. Meanwhile, Gerry Salim occupies 15th position with 25 points from the five races he participated in, and Arbi occupies 14th position with 28 points.

Apart from the achievements of young Astra Honda racers, Andi Farid Izdihar alias Andi Gilang is one of the riders trained by PT Astra Honda Motor ( AHM) who is currently racing under the Honda Asia-Dream Racing flag has also provided proud achievements for Indonesia.

Starting from first position in the first race of the ARRC 2023 final series in the Asia Superbike class (ASB1000), Andi immediately achieved the highest achievement by winning the first podium after fighting hard until the last corner.

In the second race, he again showed excellent performance in competing with two other riders, but the race was stopped due to a rider falling on the eleventh lap. Based on the final position touching the finish line, Andi managed to reach the second podium.

 In his first season in the ASB1000 class, Andi Gilang immediately succeeded in showing reliable performance with one first podium and three second podiums and a total of 178.5 points, thus bringing him to third place in the standings.

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