Sunday 3 December 2023

Astra Supports the Growth of the Creative Industry, Together with the RAN Band Presents Surprises at Transjakarta Bus Stops


Last weekend, Sunday (4/12/2023), members of the Jakarta community who were taking part in Car Free Day (CFD) activities were invited to enjoy a number of hits with acoustic arrangements via videotron broadcasts in the Bundaran HI and Ratu Plaza Jakarta areas and broadcast online via YouTube Channel SATU Indonesia.

This is an event initiated by PT Astra International Tbk–a national company that has 272 subsidiaries, including those operating in the automotive, financing services and insurance sectors– which adds joy and positive enthusiasm to find new enthusiasm.

Quoted from Astra’s official release as received by , since October 2023 the HI Astra Roundabout Transjakarta bus stop has presented a new face decorated with illustrations created by a young artist from Bali, Yessiow.

RAN’s appearance at the Transjakarta Bus Stop Platform at the HI Astra Roundabout which is now decorated with the collaborative work of Astra and artist Yessiow [Astra] In essence, it tells about Astra for Today and the Future of Indonesia. This collaboration between Astra and Yessiow is a form of Astra’s real support for the development of Indonesia’s creative industry.

Then, Astra’s support for the creative industry continues through Astra’s collaboration with the RAN music group. Namely, through the previous broadcast, a surprise in the form of a live performance (live session) entitled “Find Your New Spirit with RAN” at the HI Astra Roundabout Transjakarta Bus Stop which is located in the heart of the capital city of Jakarta last weekend.

This event is one of a series of pre-events towards RAN the Sweet Seventeen, and is also the second time Astra has collaborated with RAN. The previous collaboration was to create a theme song for Astra’s 65th Anniversary and a music video entitled “Always Together” in 2022.

The “Always Together” video clip looks charming, showing the RAN music group performing the song from the helipad located in Astra Building, then the scene changes to RAN members–Rayi Putra Rahardjo, Astono Handoko, and Anindyo Baskoro–as well as colleagues from Astra passing by the LRT and TransJakarta stops with the background of a series of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program activities, including Kampung Berseri Astra (KBA), Kampung ProKlim, and so on. All of them illustrate Astra’s ideals to progress together with the people of our country.

Car Free Day atmosphere for the people of Jakarta accompanied by a performance from RAN at the Transjakarta Bus Stop HI Roundabout Astra (3/12/2023) [Astra] Astra’s enthusiasm for supporting the growth of Indonesia’s creative industry and spreading new enthusiasm to the community for today and Indonesia’s future, in line with Astra’s ideals of Prospering with the Nation and supporting Indonesia’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

At that time, at the inauguration of the Astra xYessiow collaboration, Riza Deliansyah, Chief of Corporate Affairs Astra stated, “This collaboration is a form of support for the works produced by Indonesia’s young generation, through inspirational messages in the form of illustrative art images which it is hoped will makes people find new enthusiasm in working to contribute to the nation and state.”

So, you can see that a number of areas at the HI Astra Roundabout Transjakarta Bus Stop are filled with illustrations about Astra for Today and Indonesia’s Future. This story is summarized in a theme “Find Your New Passion” containing encouraging elements in the form of illustration works of sustainable enthusiasm

Yessiow is a young woman whose full name is Yessi Nur Mulianawati, a world-class illustrator and mural artist from Bali.

He has been pursuing illustration art since 2013, and currently his work has spread internationally. Mural art has its own characteristics using cheerful colors that give enthusiasm and a positive feel.

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