Sunday 3 December 2023

National Product Honda CBR250RR Brings Three AHRT Riders to Dominate the 2023 ARRC Asian Championship


Together with motorbikes made in our beloved country, Rheza Danica Ahrens, Veda Ega Pratama, and Herjun Atna Firdaus are busy climbing the podium in the 2023 Asia Road Racing Championship (ARRC) Asia Production (AP250) class. Taking place at the Chang International Circuit, Buriram, Thailand, last weekend (12/13/2023), the three Astra Honda Racing Team (AHRT) racers won first, second and third place in this year’s ARRC final series.

The Honda CBR250RR produced by PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) successfully led to the All-AHRT Final as well as the All-Indonesian Final for this prestigious Asia Production 250 cc class championship. This is proven by the three of them, namely Rheza, Herjun, and Veda taking the top three positions in the drivers’ standings for the 2023 season since the second series in May.

Astra Honda racer Rheza Danica Ahrens succeeded in becoming ARRC champion for the 2023 AP250 class season in the final series held at the Chang International Circuit, Buriram, Thailand (13/2/2023) [PT AHM]. Quoted from Astra Honda’s official release as received by , Rheza Danica Ahrens officially won the 2023 Asia Road Racing Championship (ARRC) Asia Production (AP250) class title for the second time. Other achievements brought by the AHRT team from Thailand were the success of Veda Ega Pratama as champion of the 2023 Idemitsu Asia Talent Cup (IATC), and Decksa Almer Alfarezel as champion of the 2023 Thailand Talent Cup (TTC).

In the AP250 ARRC 2023 class, the Honda CBR250RR was successful. led the Astra Honda team, AHRT as an Indonesian racing team which succeeded in winning the AP250 class five times. AHRT dominated the ARRC team championships for the periods of  2017, 2018, 2019, 2022,  and 2023 through managing a professional racing team in developing racing engine settings tailored to the character of each racer and managing the competence of Astra Honda racers.

“We celebrate the various achievements presented by Astra Honda racers as well as these historical achievements with the Indonesian people. “We hope that the racing leveling program that we carry out consistently will also be able to enable more and more Indonesian racers to be able to excel at world level racing competitions,” said Octavianus Dwi, Marketing Director of AHM, who expressed his appreciation for the various proud achievements achieved by Astra Honda’s racers.

Support from Indonesian racing fans is one of the encouragements for AHM to continue to present talented riders.

Honda CBR250RR Mat Gundpower Black Metallic, for road or non-racing versions [PT Astra Honda Motor]. In the final series of ARRC 2023, PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) racers succeeded in maintaining the winning tradition in the AP250 class. Veda managed to get the first podium in the first race, followed by Herjun on the second podium in the second ace. With this result, Astra Honda riders have collected 104 podiums at ARRC events in all classes since 2014.

In his appearance at the Chang International Circuit, Veda appeared impressive from the free practice session and qualifying session. He managed to occupy first place with a best time of 1:51.528. Followed by Rheza in second place and Herjun in fourth position with times of 1:51.693 and 1:51.894.

 The first race took place on Saturday (2/12/2023), Veda succeeded in confirming the first podium for the third time in the 2023 racing season. He immediately stepped on the gas from the start of the race and was able to leave his opponent behind until he was 0.5 seconds away from the second racer and became the rider. first to touch the finish line.

Rheza and Herjun, who at that time were potential champions, had to work hard to reach the podium. These two racers were left behind from the leading group. By focusing on achieving the best performance, they slowly entered the leading group and were able to finish in 4th and 6th positions. This first day’s results meant that the two Astra Honda Racing Team (AHRT) riders had to postpone the Asian championship title and compete again in the final race.

Then in the second race which was held on Sunday (3/12/2023), Veda, who hoped to continue achieving the podium from the previous race, had to swallow disappointment due to falling on the first lap due to a collision with another racer. Meanwhile, Rheza and Herjun, who were in the front group, along with eight other riders, fought each other for the podium. With a mature strategy in the last lap, Herjun was able to reach the second podium while Rheza was in eighth position.

Rheza managed to win the drivers’ standings with a record of 206 points from successfully climbing the podium seven times, while Herjun in second place scored 198 points from eight podium finishes, as well as 160 points for Veda who finished third with his appearance on the podium seven times throughout. racing season this year.

“I am grateful to be able to become AP250 champion for the second time. This is not easy because you have to compete until the last race. “I would like to thank the Astra Honda Racing Team for continuing to motivate me to make achievements this year,” concluded Rheza.

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