Sunday 3 December 2023

Uncovering the Cause of Rack Steer Damage: Beware of This Habit!


Rack steer or steering rack is one of the crucial components in the steering system of a car. Damage to the steer rack can cause various problems and reduce the vehicle’s steering performance. The following are some common causes of rack steer damage that you need to be aware of, quoted from the official Suzuki website:

1. Frequently driving on potholes

The habit of continuously driving over potholes can damage not only the car’s suspension, but also the steer rack. Potholes create big shocks to the car’s undercarriage, especially when the vehicle is traveling at high speed.

This shock can cause tearing of the steer rack bushings and allow dirt to enter, which in turn can produce unwanted sounds.

2. Tire position not straight when parking

Tire position that is not straight when parking can have a negative impact on rack steer. Tires that turn while parking can tear parts of the steer rack and reduce its performance over time.

Therefore, it is important to ensure that the tires are aligned when the vehicle is parked to reduce unnecessary stress on the steering components.

3. Steer is turned stuck for a long time

Leaving the steering wheel turned stuck, either when driving or when parking, can damage the steer rack. When the steering wheel is turned until it is stuck for a long time, the temperature of the steering rack pinion rubber will increase.

At some point, the rubber can become susceptible to tearing, causing damage to the steer rack.

4. Power Steering Damage

For vehicles equipped with a hydraulic power steering system, damage to this system can have a direct impact on the steer rack.

Excess or lack of power steering fluid, as well as leaks in the power steering tube, can reduce power and damage the performance of the steer rack.

Pay attention to signs of oil seepage in the power steering system to anticipate further damage.

Keeping the steer rack in good condition is very important to ensure safety and comfort while driving. Avoid habits that can damage the steering rack and carry out routine maintenance according to the manufacturer’s recommendations to maintain its performance.

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