Wednesday 27 December 2023

Baim Wong`s Business Octopus Series, Now Expanding to Selling Cheap iPads of IDR 1 Million


Baim Wong is back in the spotlight after planning to open a new business, namely selling iPads at low prices.

Many then asked where the number of iPads that Paula Verhoeven’s husband wanted to sell came from.

The reason is, Baim Wong only priced the iPad at a much lower price than the market. One of the iPad units is even only priced at IDR 1 million.

“Who said the iPad was expensive? No. I gave it a cheap price, IDR 1 million,” boasted Baim Wong in his Instagram uploaded video, quoted Wednesday (27/12/2023).

Due to the buzz about Baim Wong selling iPads at low prices of around IDR 1 million, here are several businesses that the father of 2 children has previously been involved in.

Baim Wong in the Sudirman area, Central Jakarta, Tuesday (20/6/2023). [/Adiyoga Priyambodo] 1. YouTuber

One of Baim Wong’s sources of income comes from YouTube. It is known that he has been actively uploading various kinds of content on YouTube for several years.

Her YouTube channel, Baim Paula, already has more than 21.3 million followers. So, if estimated, the man born in 1981 could get IDR 1 billion in profit from here.

2. Production House

Apart from being active as a YouTuber, Baim Wong also spread his wings by building a production house called PT Tiger Wong Entertainment.

According to calculations, the valuation value of the company operating in the digital and creative sector owned by Paula Verhoeven’s husband is estimated at IDR 1 trillion, even more per year.

3. Culinary Business

Baim Wong has a number of businesses in the culinary sector. Starting from Donuthing, Bakmi Wong, Wong Bara, and many more.

A number of businesses owned by the father of 2 children are spread across various parts of the country. In fact, one of his businesses, Donuthing, has succeeded in selling well in the market.

4. Fashion Business

Apart from having several businesses in the culinary sector, Baim Wong also has a business in the fashion sector called Batik Wong Jogja.

This business is located in Yogyakarta City. However, apart from selling cloth or clothing typical of the Student City, this shop also sells typical Yogyakarta food, namely bakpia.

5. Endorsement

Baim Wong also makes a lot of money from endorsements. With 18.3 million Instagram followers, one of Raffi Ahmad’s friends certainly earns quite a large income from opening endorsement services.

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