Wednesday 27 December 2023

Not Just Any Argentina Jersey, Fuji Shirt for Baby L`s Birthday to Remember Tariq Halilintar?


Fujianti Utami Putri was also present at the birthday celebration of Lesti Kejora and Rizky Billar’s child, Muhammad Levian Al Fatih Billar, on Tuesday (26/12/2023). This special day felt even more special because Billar and Lesti also announced the change in their child’s name, namely dropping the name Leslar and changing it to Levian.

The birthday party was held lively with the theme “Abang L Birthday Cup”. In keeping with the theme, the event was dominated by red decorations and the guests attended wearing a football jersey dress code.

A number of public figures appeared to be present at the event. Irfan Hakim, Ruben Onsu, and Rina Nose, who were both wearing red jerseys, were lined up to host the event.

Rizky Billar, Lesti Kejora, and their son, Muhammad Levian Al Fatih Billar alias Abang L. (Instagram/@levianbillar) Then another guest who appeared to be present was Adiba Khanza who was wearing her husband’s jersey, Egy Maulana Vikri, and was accompanied by Umi Pipik . Then there was also Fujianti Utami Putri alias Fuji who looked beautiful in a blue Argentina jersey.

However, recently the case of wearing the Argentina jersey has become the talk of netizens because it is suspected that it has something to do with her ex-boyfriend, Tariq Halilintar. How could that be?

After investigating, netizens apparently highlighted the similarity of the Argentina jersey that Fuji wore at Baby L’s birthday event with the one he wore when celebrating Thariq Halilintar’s birthday.

Seen on the TikTok account @seraaknan, you can see a screenshot of Thariq Halilintar’s Instagram post when he held a birthday entitled “Thor World Cup”. The birthday party was dominated by blue decorations.

Screenshot of an old photo of Tariq Halilintar and Fuji. (TikTok/@seraaknan) Fuji was of course also at the event and wore an Argentina jersey which was said to be similar to the one he wore on Baby L’s birthday. In the photo, Tariq was embracing Fuji’s waist from the side, then uploaded with the caption a white heart and blue that matches their clothes.

This photo then became popular again with netizens, because Fuji allegedly wore his Argentina jersey again.

“We wore the clothes to Brother L’s birthday,” commented netizens.

“No wonder I saw UTI at my brother L’s birthday, like I’ve seen Uti wearing that dress, apparently it was on Thor’s birthday,” wrote another netizen.

“This is the shirt I wore to my brother L’s birthday,” said another.

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