Wednesday 27 December 2023

Raffi Ahmad sells rolled omelettes for Rp. 272 ​​thousand in Paris, Belinda MCI 11 is touched by netizens


Raffi Ahmad and Nagita Slavina have just opened a restaurant called Le Nusa in Paris, France. This restaurant sells various kinds of typical Indonesian food and drinks.

Of the number of foods and drinks sold at the restaurant, the public really highlights one menu, namely rolled omelette. This can be seen from the upload of the Instagram account @/lenusaparis.

The Instagram account uploaded a photo of rolled omelette on the restaurant menu. It is known that this traditional cake is priced at 16 Euros or the equivalent of IDR 272,397.28.

“We are green with envy. Dadar Gulung: Green coconut pancake roll with sweet coconut and palm sugar filling,” caption in the upload, quoted Wednesday (27/12/2023).

Various comments were made by netizens when they saw the photo of the rolled omelette uploaded by the Instagram account of the restaurant owned by Rafathar Malik Ahmad’s parents.

Some people are guessing the price of the food. Netizens guess that the price must be many times more expensive compared to prices in Indonesia.

“I’m sure the price could be hundreds of thousands if converted into rupiah,” commented netizens.

“If you go abroad, the price will definitely be different. Not the price in Indonesia anymore,” said another netizen.

“How much will it cost?” asked another.

“Omelet rolls 2 Rp. 4 thousand. Green coconut 2 Rp. 400 thousand,” said another netizen.

“Omelet rolls in my area still like to be given away for free,” added another netizen.

“Dadar rolls have risen to this level. If in Indonesia it’s a thousand, in Paris it’s almost zero,” explained another.

Apart from the comments above, there were also netizens who mentioned the rolled omelette made by the winner of the MastherChef Indonesia season 11 cooking event, Belinda. Previously, the rolled omelette made by Belinda had received pros and cons from the public.

“It’s not Belinda’s chlorophyll omelette roll, right,” said another netizen.

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