Wednesday 27 December 2023

No wonder you`re confident about applying to Nathalie Holscher, Ladislao Camara`s monthly income could be 3 times bigger


After being close to a number of men, Nathalie Holscher seems determined to sail the household with content creator Ladislao Camara. In fact, the Spanish foreigner was introduced to the public as Nathalie’s fiancé.

It is not surprising that the figure of the future father, Adzam, has been highlighted by netizens, including regarding his financial condition. The reason is that some time ago Nathalie became a public topic of conversation because she admitted that she was lacking the monthly money of IDR 25 million given by her ex-husband, Sule.

However, it seems that finances are not a problem that Nathalie and Ladislao’s little family needs to worry about in the future. Because foreigners who have converted to Islam since 2014 can earn up to billions of Rupiah per month just from monetizing their YouTube content.

This estimated income is as revealed by Social Blade which analyzed Ladislao’s YouTube channel, BULE MERAKYAT. It is recorded that the channel has been followed by more than 831 thousand customers as of December 2023 and shows a consistent increase in numbers every day.

The intimacy of Ladislao Camara and Nathalie Holscher. (Instagram/ladislao_9) With performance like that, Ladislao is estimated to be able to earn between IDR 100 million and IDR 1.6 billion in a month. Explained further, Ladislao is estimated to pocket between IDR 3.34 million to IDR 53.9 million per day.

When compared with Nathalie Holscher’s income from her YouTube channel, the figure obtained by Ladislao can actually be up to 3 times higher.

Quoted from Social Blade, Nathalie’s YouTube channel does have more subscribers, namely 2.95 million. However, Nathalie’s monthly income from monetizing her YouTube content is estimated to be in the range of IDR 34 million to IDR 554.1 million.

From this figure alone, you could say that Ladislao’s income is better than Nathalie’s. It could even be that Ladislao’s income is greater than Social Blade estimates if he considers his other careers, such as endorsement deals on social media to becoming a brand ambassador.

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