Tuesday 26 December 2023

Former Governor of Papua Lukas Enembe Dies, Turns Out His Total Wealth Is Up to 33 Billion?


Former Governor of Papua Lukas Enembe was declared dead on Tuesday (26/12/2023). Lukas Enembe died after previously undergoing treatment at the Gatot Subroto Central Army Hospital (RSPAD), Jakarta.

The news of Lukas Enembe’s death was also confirmed by one of his lawyers, Petrus Bala Pattyona. He died due to kidney disease which he suffered from for a long time.

“(Died) at the place where he was being treated, at the Kartika Pavilion at the RSPAD at 11 o’clock. “He’s been in treatment for a long time, during the trials in October, he had kidney failure,” said Petrus.

Former Governor of Papua, Lukas Enembe. [ANTARA] The death of Lukas Enembe is a concern because he is currently undergoing the legal process for his corruption case .In October 2023, he was sentenced to eight years in prison and a fine of IDR 500 million in a corruption case in the form of receiving bribes and gratuities worth IDR 46.8 billion.

Meanwhile, Lukas Enembe himself was known to have had abundant wealth during his lifetime. Based on data In his 2021 State Administrator’s Wealth Report (LHKPN), Lukas Enembe is known to have total assets of IDR 33.7 billion.

As much as IDR 13.6 billion of his assets are the land and buildings he owns. He owns a number of lands and buildings in the Jayapura area, Papua.

Lukas Enembe also owns transportation equipment and machinery worth IDR 932.4 million. Some of the vehicles he owns include the following:

Toyota Fortuner car worth IDR 300 million. Honda Jazz car worth IDR 150 million. A Toyota/Jeef Land Cruiser car worth IDR 396.9 million. A Toyota Camry car worth IDR 85.5 million. Other assets owned by Lukas Enembe are securities worth IDR 1.2 billion. It also has cash and cash equivalents totaling IDR 17.9 billion. Thus, his total wealth is IDR 33.7 million.

Meanwhile, it is reported that Lukas Enembe’s body will be flown to Papua in the early hours of Thursday (28/12), at 01.00 WIB. Later there will also be honors for the body of Lukas Enembe as the former Governor of Papua.

“Later, when we get there (Papua), because he is a former governor who made a lot of contributions, maybe there will be a protocol event. What will the ceremony be like? I don’t know yet,” explained Petrus.

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