Tuesday 26 December 2023

Want to build a beach club on protected land, Raffi Ahmad`s 7 businesses have folded


Raffi Ahmad’s plan to build a Beach Club in the Gunungkidul area, Yogyakarta, does not seem to be welcomed by several parties. The reason is, a number of groups believe that Nagita Slavina’s husband’s new business will cause a lot of harm to local residents, plus several of his businesses are now reportedly bankrupt. Here is a list of Raffi Ahmad’s businesses that went bankrupt.

Raffi Ahmad’s new business expansion plan in Gunungkidul has attracted controversy because it was founded on 10 hectares of land which is included in a protected natural area, namely the Gunungsewu Karst Natural Landscape Area (KBAK) to the east.

List of Raffi Ahmad’s businesses that have gone bankrupt

The following are some of Raffi Ahmad’s businesses that have gone out of business or gone bankrupt:

1. Mango Bomb

Mango Bomb is a beverage business built by Raffi and Nagita who had booming among the people. In 2017, processed drinks made from mango were so popular in Indonesia that Raffi and Nagita took advantage of this trend by building a business called Mango Bomb.

Reporting from various sources, the first Mango Bomb outlet opened in the Setiabudi One area, Kuningan, Jakarta, on August 25 2017. Not long after, Mango Bomb became increasingly popular and opened branches in North Jakarta, West Jakarta, South Jakarta, Tangerang and Surabaya.

Apart from selling various types of drinks made from mango, Mango Bomb also serves several chocolate drinks and other fruit variants. However, the business he started together with Rudy Salim ultimately went bankrupt around December 2019.

2. Gigieat Cake 

Around 2018-2019, a number of Indonesian artists were busy opening the latest sponge cake businesses, including Nagita Slavina. Through a business called Gigieat Cake, Nagita finally expanded her culinary business in the Bekasi, Serpong and Bandung areas.

Based on searches, Gigieat Cake sells a variety of modern sponge cakes with chocolate, cheese, matcha, pandan, milk banana and berry toppings. However, at the end of 2019 Gigieat closed permanently because the current sponge cake trend had faded.

3. Nagitoz 

Apart from opening a drinks and cake business, Raffi Ahmad’s wife also produced light snacks, called Nagitoz. The snacks are bought and sold in minimarkets and also marketplaces. Nagitoz itself is a chip snack made from taro, available in four flavors, including onion, spicy, cheese and barbecue.

Unfortunately, taro chips have now stopped production. This is known because Nagitoz can no longer be found in minimarkets and marketplaces since 2020. 

4. King Kong Snack 

Before the Nagitoz brand snack, Raffi Ahmad had also produced a cassava chips snack business, called King Kong Snack. Similar to Nagitoz, King Kong Snack, which can be purchased at minimarkets or marketplaces, is also available in various flavors such as original, cheese, barbecue and spicy.

However, this snack, which costs around IDR 10 thousand, also doesn’t last long. The reason is, now King Kong Snack is no longer available in minimarkets.

5. Bakmi RN 

In 2017, Raffi and Nagita also opened a culinary business that many Indonesians are looking at, namely bakmi. Through the Bakmi RN business, Raffi and Nagita provide various menu choices of Javanese chicken noodles, green chili squid noodles, Chinese noodles, and barbeque chicken rice.

At that time, Bakmi Raffi Ahmad had a number of branches in several large malls in Indonesia. However, after two years, aka in the middle of 2019, Bakmi RN went bankrupt.

6. RA Jeans 

Apart from the culinary business, Raffi Ahmad is also expanding his business wings in the fashion sector through the RA Jeans business. As the name suggests, RA Jeans provides various trouser products made from jeans. However, this business did not last long and even the RA Jeans outlets had closed.

7. RANS Nusantara 

In 2022, RANS Entertainment owned by Raffi Ahmad together with Dio Living launched RANS Nusantara. This business operates in the furniture sector and also collaborates with a number of designers and a number of local craftsmen.

However, Raffi’s business in the furniture sector doesn’t seem to last long. The reason was that a partnership broke out between Raffi and the party he was invited to collaborate with.

That’s the list of Raffi Ahmad’s businesses that went bankrupt. Hope it is useful!

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